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   Absoulute Love. It is the purest and simplest of Soul Rememberings we are gifted within this Life Experience here on this earth dimension. And yet, for so many souls, it is within our illusionary perception, appears to be the most difficult of all of the Soul Rememberings to treasure.

The questions can be asked then: What is this thing called Absoulute Love anyway? What is it that calls us to Absoulute Love? And why does Absoulute Love exist?

Spirit has shared with me during my own initiations into what we call here on this earth dimension as Spiritual Ascended Mastery or Spiritual Oneness, that Absoulute Love is free from any definition, as it just IS. In attempting to describe what IS as Absoulute Love, it IS an atmosphere or ambiance of the purest form of the Infinite resonance of feeling in Spiritual Oneness that there is. It is the ultimate experience and expression of Spiritual Oneness with LIFE and with Ah Ti or All That Is. It is the Ah! Or the Awe of Infinite Spiritual Oneness Bliss. It is a resonance of BEing.



What is this thing called Absoulute Love Anyway?


Absoulute Love, or as Spirit has gifted me with ~ Ab Soul ute Love is a feeling a resonance of BEing. It is the complete Soulful Love that we experience that is a feeling of soul fullness in love. As Spiritual Soul BEings in the Spiritual Universe, we are free from the experience of feeling as all is simply an all inclusive inner wisdom. This is one of the reasons then we choose to come to this earth dimension, to choose the experience of feeling. Absoulute Love is a feeling, a feeling that just is. Absoulute Love is a feeling free from e~motion.

As is shared in "Song of the Princess “Love is the soul supreme author of All That Is. The proof is that such soul desires the eternalness of infinite joy itself. Creation declares abundantly the heart of this Artist. There is free from being any more infinite purpose or resonance of being sempiternal than the giving and receiving in Love. Love is the very source and centre point of all that is created. Infinity itself was given birth to for the soul purpose of housing this love.

The Author, the Master Artist, (that we call Spirit) is a being with a soul and spirit that is as ours is. For we are the Master Artist and the Master Artist is us, we are One. It is within this Oneness that we are created in this same image of the Master Artist. Love is understanding why the Master Artist does exactly what is done in the universe. Love is BEing One with this same heart. Love is awakening to this truth and each moment onward totally given to this truth in love in reply answering the only question that really matters, which is 'What Would Love Do Now, in this OM, this One Moment?' Love is why we are given life. What we return in life that is less than this love is the soul remembering we’ve yet to remember, embrace, and soulfully treasure on the path of love. Pain, hurt, aloneness, and suffering is as darkness and are simply illusions reminding us to get back in touch with the Love and Light we are. The Light is the Soul of Love manifesting within infinite expressions of this light. Darkness flees from love. 

We are called to be this Love and Light. It comes from a stripping of all that is not love to come to know and understand what love really is. A stripping of all that we hold dear to us; including the desire for a relationship on an earthly existence that is one of possession and attachment, requirements and expectations which are born of the ego consciousness and physical possessions. Yet, what comes in the expression of love returned in these areas are also beautiful for the soul rememberings through life experience given. The real secret is to totally surrender to Love and Light and in such as surrender we are then being this Love and Light. The emanations of a heart coming from this place resonates such power that Love as a wellspring forever giving life of creations from within pouring through and of co~creations with another are born.

Love is free from being a chemical connection because they are a 'hunk' or meet the requirements of what society and the lifestyle needs send messages to the brain that this person is to be desired by me. Love is free from being the 'connection' energetically of wanting to hang out and have sex with this person. Nor is love an emotional release based on the pheromones produced by another that is like an addiction. Love is not the sexy attractants that trigger an emotional connection. Relationships are complex and largely based on triggers based deeply within our beings. These triggers are governed by sexuality, a need for security and 'home', and relating to on a deeper level. Yet, none of this is Love.

Love is the breath, the blood, and the very life force human spirit was created to shelter. Love is free from being the lust of what brings pleasure from another. Such relationships have a purpose in growth, but they are free from being love. They are born of illusions. Say not “I love you” in such times of intertwining, but rather “you are filling the need I have at this moment.”

Love is free from ever possessing or placing such a sacred love in a box. Love is free from attachments and conditions. Love is to know that the beloved is free as are you. For the beloved is free from ever being ‘mine’ as a possession, for each of us is a gift of the universe, that has blessed our beings entwined, loving one another freely, infinitely and in that we are simply here to love and be loved. To have our love for one another overflow into the universe and onto the universe and gives itself back again. And to embrace that love with honour, reverence, humility, and love in return, always.

Love is a bond so strong, so unparalled, and so precious that allows us to simply BE. To BE who we are free from attachment and yet to come together and co~create such magic. Love is a remembering and embracing absoulute love, soulful love. A real REALationship, two souls BEing as OneSoul. Love is a real REALationship with a beloved and with all that is of such love and freedom. For love is meant to be free in which such a Troubadour and Princess are free from ever feeling such ego needs of rejection, fleeing, conditions or possessing. To just simply BE with one another in the moment; just simply sharing love, creating individually, and co~creating twogether, two BEing as One.

Love is simply to love and be loved. Love is to be free from ever forgetting that the love we share both in sacred union with another and with all, has an ultimate purpose to co~create infinitely BEing the Love and Light of the world to transform the world. It is the song of our soul that means so much that calls us to BE such a purpose born of this love as we are the light that changes such a world. This vow, is a sacred vow given and received, free from ever being broken, a love sealed within an OM of One Moment and the circle of Oneness within it, burned within the heart/soul and adorned upon the physical being. It is a giving all that I Am to you and you to me, to love, the love of the Master Artist itself and the love shared in the utmost sacredness between the Princess and the Troubadour. For in giving all that I Am to you and to love, and you giving your all to me, to love, we choose one another giving one another the wings of the seagull to fly.

To dare enter the realm where the words spoken to another “I love you” would be spoken in such steadfastness; this same resonance of what love is, is to be both the breath and heart of your being. Love is beyond the realms of infinity and eternity. Love is Divine Source expressed within two physical beings melding into and BEing One. Love is the author and source of all that exists and of infinite possibilities. Love is the force that has allowed all other creations and co~creations into BEing. When you say the words “I love you”, say it to mean that I honour the very soul and heart you are, that I am; I honour you and the love we share in reverence, humility, and love returning onto itself, always, in all ways. Say it to mean that the this love is the reflection of Love/Light that emanates through your being and my being, and equally love that same reflection in ALL that you see and is the Love I see with you that is me, and is the Love/Light we share with all in each moment and also intimately just us two in each moment. Say it to mean that I am free from ever taking this love and attaching, possessing, or placing in a box you or our love. When the words “I love you” are uttered upon the breath of our lips, let it be from the place beyond our sights where love is sure where sacred hearts entwine, where love is pure where nothing nor one can divide. In that moment I give to you All I Am as you give me all you are.

To be free from uttering the words I Love You is to damn the Lord of all winds and tides and the very love this Master Artist has given all for such a love to be. Illusions will be free from saying I Love You out of a fear….To not utter the words I Love You is to stand in the self sabotage and fear of illusions….To dare not to say such words as I Love You is to flee and retreat from the very love given by the Lord of the star fields….Love, there is no fear in love, there are no illusions in love, there is no self sabotage in love, there is no fleeing in love. Love simply is Love; to Love and be loved again and again and to infinitely express it within those three beautiful words given us by the Master Artist. Love simply says I Love You freely, saying it deeply from a place beyond our sights where love is pure and sure. Who are we to damn and not to honour such a gift given by the Lord?! To say I Love You to another is to honour the very gift given by the Master Artist and to honour your heart and their heart as One.”


The Call to Absoulute Love


Once we have Remembered, Embraced, and Soulfully Treasured a Soul Remembering Through Life Experience and also embracing it and treasuring it through the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Forgiveness which gift us with Infinite 6ratitude, that we then return full infinite circle to the space of Absoulute Love for all, with all, and of all. Thus we are then treasuring the experience of the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love.

What is it though that calls us to this feeling of Absoulute Love? Absoulute Love,  IS an atmosphere or ambiance of the purest form of Infinite resonance of feeling in Spiritual Oneness that there is, that it is the ultimate experience of Spiritual Oneness with LIFE and with Ah Ti or with All That Is, that it is the Ah! Or the Awe of Infinite Spiritual Oneness Bliss, then what is it that calls us to this so deeply within the soul?


What calls us to Absoulute Love is 6ratitude. What is 6ratitude? Have we really remembered within our soul what soulful 6ratitude really means on this earth dimension in this LIFE Experience? We have been “taught” that 6ratitude is to say “thank you” when we receive a birthday gift or a Christmas gift or anything we deem or another soul deems as a gift. Spirit shares that there have been some very well meaning souls in our lives that when we were children “taught” us this. Spirit reveals though, that this way of BEing in 6ratitude is “taught” rather than remembered within the soul, meaning that it comes from an Ego Self of the Soul perception of obligation, expectation, and forceableness rather than from the 6ratitude that comes from deep within the soul. 6ratitude is a FEELing that is free from BEing “taught”, that 6ratitude is a FEELing we FEEL from deep within the soul. We are free from BEing able to “teach” 6ratitude.

When 6ratitude is coming from a sense of obligation, expectation, and forceableness, that this form of 6ratitude resides within ego consciousness’s Axioms that were “taught” or forced upon us as a child to believe, such as when another soul gifts us with for example a birthday or holiday gift, that we “should” say thank you whether we really feel it from within the soul or not because it is the “right” thing to do. Likewise, when we gift another soul a gift then, we “expect” that we are to receive some form of 6ratitude from that soul in the way of a verbal thank you, or a thank you card, or a phone call etc. This then goes back to the Who We Believe We Are is what other souls think of me and of what I expect from other souls and what they expect from me. This form of 6ratitude that resides within ego consciousness is 6ratitude that is illusionarily disguised within ego consciousness’s Axioms of obligation, expectation, and of Who We Believe We Are is what other souls think of me and of what I expect from other souls and what they expect from me, which simply what is is that this is free from being 6ratitude at all, that it is what is, and what is is the illusionary ego consciousness’s Axioms of obligation, expectation, and of Who We Believe We Are is what other souls think of me and of what I expect from other souls and what they expect from me, rather than 6ratitude felt from deep within the soul.

6ratitude that comes from the heart of the soul is the 6ratitude that one FEELS from within when gifted a gift from a soul, beit a birthday present, a Soul Remembering, a physical gift or spiritual gift or a gift in any of its infinite forms. 6ratitude from the heart of the soul as a whole, is when we merge ego consciousness’s Axioms of obligation, expectation, and forceableness into the Soul as a Whole, into the resonance of FEELING the awe, the wonder, the delightment within when another has gifted us with a gift, in whatever and in whichever of the infinite forms that it comes from. 6ratitude’s essence comes from the heart of Absoulute Love, the soulful love that we FEEL that comes over us like a wave from the ocean, which gifts us with a washing over FEELing of Absoulute Love and thankfulness for this soul and the gift that they have gifted to us. This is the 6ratitude of and in Absoulute Love that what we call here on this earth dimension as manners is based upon. This is the 6ratitude that the very well meaning souls who attempted to “teach” us through ego consciousness’s Axioms were gifting us in this earth dimension of duality with the opposite of so that we may remember that of the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in 6ratitude. This is the 6ratitude represented within the number 6 within an infinite cosmic circle that emanates from the soul expressed within it infinite forms and of which we brought forth to our first Life Experience here on Lemuria. This is the 6ratitude that Spirit speaks of that we reside within in Lemuria that we are in this moment invited to bring forth from Lemuria and gift it here on this earth dimension.

It is a FEELing that comes from within, a feeling we just FEEL, free from needing to be forced or cajoled. And if we are choosing to be free from feeling this Absoulute Love and 6ratitude when another soul gifts us a gift, then it is simply a reminder to us to get back in touch with this Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in 6ratitude and in Absoulute Love ~ to R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) within Absoulute Love and 6ratitude from the heart and from the soul; two BEing as One as the heart of the soul the FEELing of awe, wonder, and delightment of another soul and the gifts that they gift to us. These are the manners then of Absoulute Love and 6ratitude of a FEELing that comes from within that we can gift and show other souls and to our children, two BEing as One as we are all the children of the Universe.

The inner wisdom from Spirit is that they invite us to begin this infinite circular cycle of 6ratitude by taking a moment to BE thankful for everything in our LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience): from the blade of grass….… to the seed and the earth dimensional dirt that created that blade of grass……. to the water that refreshes that blade of grass ……. to the sun that helps that grass to grow……. to the soul whom mows that blade of grass……. to the lawn mower that assists that soul to mow that blade of grass……. to the nuts and bolts that go into creating that lawn mower so that the a soul can mow the grass……. to the souls whom make those nuts and bolts....... And so forth. Spirit invites us to view all of LIFE, every detail, even what we deem here as the illusion of "bad" things in 6ratitude. Even within the of illusion of something that is perceived within this earth dimension perception of duality as “good” or "bad", “right” or "wrong", there is 6ratitude, as events are just as all things are rememberings ~ Soul Rememberings Through Life Experience that we are being invited to R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) within while we are here on this earth dimension; Soul Rememberings Through Life Experience that we chose to come here to learn before we incarnated on this earth dimension. 

6ratitude for all, including what it is we desire gifts birth to its’ creation even before in earth dimensional time that its creation occurs. When we say “I am 6rateful for the abundance, Absoulute Love, Bliss (and so on) in my life” activates this that we desire, placing what we desire into passionate dobeingness, into action, creating it even before we see it within this earth dimension we call a reality. When we are within a resonance that what we desire is already and always with us and within us, then our statement, our intention, our prayer, our manifestation is then one of Infinite 6ratitude for what IS, for what it is that we already and always experience.

We have all met souls within infinite form from a flower who gifts us with its beauty or a soul in physical form who has gifted our soul back to us in reflection of who they are BEing, and infinitely other souls who have had a profound effect on our life experience. Meeting them has transformed us in some way. These souls have in some way assisted us to develop some potentials of awareness or potentials of consciousness. Think of a soul within any infinite form who has been this for you. Do you still feel 6ratitude? What you have been gifted with continues to be a creative gifting force within our lives as long as we choose to experience it as a continued sense of 6ratitude and an Absoulutely loving response to it. This keeps it active, this keeps it alive. Therefore Absoulute Love and 6ratitude are free from being “only” a momentary thing that we do when we are gifted a birthday present or anything. 6ratitude and Absoulute Love are infinite and ever present which is what creates it as such a gift! Hence we can be and are within Infinite 6ratitude and Absoulute Love infinitely as an ever constant present or presence.

Appreciate how wonderfully beautiful you are, as you are an expression of the Divine light. Breathe this in, take a deep breath in and feel this message fill your soul, your spirit. Feel the beautiful light of who you are as it flows from just about a foot above the diadem or crown of the head, all the way through the physical body to the feet, and then all the way to your heart center which is where the soul resides and then encircling your aura. Truly know with a deep sense of inner knowing, inner wisdom and truly feel with the feeling that comes from the very depth of your soul, getting in touch with every part of your soul remembering that of what your soul already does know and is within infinite all inclusive wisdom of but has chosen to forget in coming here to play this game called LIFE ~ that free from any shred of doubt, free from any hesitation, that you are a radiant Beacon of Infinite Light and Absoulute Love, an expression of Divine Absoulute Love, Infinite Light, and Beauty, and that you are All That Is.

The Master Artist we know as Spirit invites us to nurture the spiritual child within us, the spiritual child of our soul. They say that within the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love that the reason that we may experience the illusion of having trouble embracing our own inner spiritual child with Absoulute Love is that we in ego consciousness create the illusion of fear, that we somehow fear the bliss that comes from BEing Absoulute Love. That we fear that we can BE, gift, and receive Absoulute Love and that if we are to take that one step, just that one step into Spiritual Oneness, stepping into and gifting that Absoulute Love to our inner child of our soul, that our light will come beaming through, and that it is the very soul of who we are that we are that we are illusionally fearful of.

Within ego consciousness perceiving ourselves as separate our deepest fear is free from being that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are ambrosial beyond measure. It is our light, rather than ego consciousness that we perceive that frightens us. We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, All wise and all knowing, talented, and magnificent?” Actually, why are we free from BEing so? We are an inner child of the Spiritual Oneness of All That Is. We will be free from serving and gifting the Universe, all within the Universe, and all within this earth dimension by playing the game of BEing small.

Enlightened we are free from living in the illusion of shrinking our spirit, shrinking our soul, so that other souls will be free from experiencing the e~motion of BEing insecure around us .We are all meant to shine, just as children do. We are born to co~create the awe~inspiring beauty of Absoulute Love, of All That Is that is within us, simply because this is who we are. This is why we chose to incarnate here ~ to experience, to gift, to receive, to remember that of the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love. Spirit or Divine Consciousness dwells within our soul. It is the essence of LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience) and we always, in All Ways, have an unbroken lifeline to the Universal Source of which we emanate from, regardless of how small or dim that connection we may perceive it within ego consciousness as separate to illusionarily be.


Falling in Absoulute Love, whether it be with another soul as a friend or a romantic relationship, or whether it is the falling in Absoulute Love with a flower or a tree or anything and everything ~ falling in Absoulute Love is a remembering of what it FEELS like to BE that very Spiritual Soul BEing expressed within the infinite form of the very thing we are in Absoulute Love with. Spirit shares that we may be free from BEing consciously aware of this, but this is what it means to fall in Absoulute Love, to fall ‘in love’ as we call it. Thus, we are infinitely falling in Absoulute Love continuously, instantaneously, and simultaneously with All That Is expressed within its infinite forms of another Spiritual Soul BEings in physical form, a dog, a chair, a show or movie we watch, anything and everything, even our soul! Falling in Absoulute Love with our soul is free from resonating within an Ego Self of the Soul resonance of conceit. Falling in Absoulute Love with our soul is just as Absoulute Love IS ~ it IS an atmosphere or ambiance of the purest form of the Infinite resonance of feeling in Spiritual Oneness that there is. It is the ultimate experience and expression of Spiritual Oneness with LIFE and with Ah Ti or All That Is. It is the Ah! Or the Awe of Infinite Spiritual Oneness Bliss and of experiencing this within our soul.

Once we are consciously aware of and participate consciously within FEELing (which is where the FUN or FEELing Universal kNowledge emanates from) this resonance of Absoulute Love, then it is natural to BE within Infinite 6ratitude and Absoulute Love in All, for All, of All and with All, and to see all of the Absoulute Love and 6ratitude that is already in our LIFE, as we are Absoulute Love and 6ratitude infinitely and Absoulute Love and 6ratitude is us infinitely, two BEing as One. It is this resonance of 6ratitude that calls us to Absoulute Love and that Absoulute Love calls us to 6ratitude within an infinite cosmic circle of The Universal Source of All That Is. Spirit asks ~ When the Absoulute Love through 6ratitude phone rings though, will we answer the call?


There is even more wisdom on how to connect BE Absoulute Love within the infinite sections of Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience . I invite you to read the book and to Step into the Soul of who you are. 

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