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Our OneSoul Purpose is that of being a clear channel of Absoulute Love, Infinite Light, Healing, Peace, Bliss, and Spiritual Guidance for all souls within their journey of spiritual transformation. To bring forth the wisdom within our co~creation with Spirit: To allow the physical body, the temple of which our soul, our Spirit resides within, to be utilized by the Spiritual Universe in whichever manner Spirit chooses to provide Spiritual Guidance in the areas of Soul Rememberings Through Life Experience ~ for each souls’ One Step Into Spiritual Oneness Love and Light.

These spiritual gifts that have been bestowed upon us by the Master Artist we know as Spirit, allow us to assist all souls to remember the love and light of who they are; showing connection to each soul's Spiritual BEing and merging the Ego Self of the Soul's perceptions of separation into the Soul in Spiritual Oneness in, of, for, and with all. We are available to answer questions on life, the universe, Spirit, and anything that you wish to know from Spirit ~ either in our normal conscious resonance or through a spiritual soul to soul connection of consciousness.

~ May our heart BE guided by love and may our song BE the echo of this same heart ~


~ Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness, A Celebration of the Love & Light Within Us All ~


Spiritual Vision

 Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness is a Celebration of Love and Light (CLL). This means of celebrating Love and Light individually and collectively throughout all of our experiences and connections. The outpouring of this celebration empowers us all to be touched, moved, and inspired within having our very BEings filled with Love and Light. Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness is about a life of being filled with the Source Energy which is Love and Light is and emanates from. Our Spiritual Vision is to be this Oneness Love and Light and allow it to freely flow through us.

 The Affirmation of Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness

 The entire universe is made up spiritual energy. This energy has a source from which it has come from and moves within.  The physical dimension that we call earth here is simply a small part of the creation of this energy of All That Is. We are Spiritual BEings having a human experience AND in having such a human experience, we R.E.S.T. within or Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure the Spiritual BEing that we ARE (A Revolving Experience of, A Revolving Expression of). Thus, it is an infinite circle. Thus, it is within all dimensions of existence that have designed energy as its source.

Light is the totality of all energy spectrums. Darkness is the absence of Light. Light, which is energy, has a source and its source is The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is. Darkness is the absence of light and is free from existing. It is simply our word for describing the degree of Light that is emanating in any given area.

There is a Master Artist we call Spirit who has fashioned all that exists within all of these infinite dimensions. This Artist uses Infinite energy and is all knowing and all BEing. This Master Artist called Spirit has fashioned energy into the universe and creation we witness and are part of. It is this energy that we too emanate from. Light is both this energy and the Master Artist also. Symbolically it can be said the painting is the universe and all within it. The Master Artist we call Spirit is the author of this painting and we are all of the infinite creations within the spectrum of this Light. Light is both the Master Artist and all that IS or Infinitely Spiritually ‘painted’.

The ‘heart’ and ‘soul’ of the Master Artist we call as Spirit is Love. The Essence of the source of all there is orchestrates all energy in a celebration of Love and Light as OneSoul expressed within Infinite physical essences. The Master Artist is Love and Light. We are Spirit BEings housed temporarily within physical bodies, expressions of this OneSoul. We are unique aspects of this Master Artist of Spirit. We are made in the very image of this Artist. Our uniqueness is as each snowflakes, yet our substance and Source is as One, expressions of this OneSoul called the Master Artist of Spirit, OneSoul in REALationship with one another, in REALationship with All. OneSoul Remembering and Embracing Absoulute Love with all, always, in all ways.

To the degree we touch, move, and inspire and have our very BEing aligned with Love and Light is the degree that we are living our OneSoul Purpose of existing. Our Divine Free Choice is the same as the Master Artists is. We are made in this same image. The Master Artist chooses this freely and totally aligned with its heart of Love and Light. We are on a spiritual journey through life experience to Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure that Divine Free Choice is essential to BEing Love and Light. We are also remembering the consequences of turning from Love and Light. The illusions we create within The Ego Self of the Soul called suffering and darkness are the results of choosing from within our Divine Free Choice to turn away from Love and Light as is witnessed throughout our planet.

Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness is free from promoting any particular religious belief system. Whatever belief system resonates as what IS within one’s heart is what is so for that soul within their moments of spiritual remembering in this life experience. Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness in celebrating Love and Light is free from requiring a particular belief system. Love and Light emanate from a place that is beyond belief systems. They are the giver of life and the sustainer of life. They are the purpose of our existence and the very creation of all the Master Artist of Spirit has brought forth from its very BEing. A Being that is Love and Light. 

By allowing our Divine Free Choice to freely choose to be filled with the Love and Light of the Oneness we are is to be in perfect harmony with our OneSoul Purpose of BEing. Everything we require for this is ours this very moment for we came here with all we will ever need as we ARE A Revolving Experience of, A Revolving Expression of All That Is. I Am, We Are as the Master Artist is; I Am, We Are AhTi ~ All That Is. And thus we have All That Is within us to be accessed at any given OM, One Moment we so choose. The Oneness of Love and Light fill every aspect of All That Is. Our role is to accept Love and Light to fill your being each OM or One Moment of our life experience. Each moment is the OM, the One Moment that can express the full potential of what Love and Light is. And within that you are BEing the Oneness within and with all.

 We are the Lighthouse beacons of Love and Light, the sun shining our Love and Our Light, always, in all ways.

I Am, We Are 



Beautiful &



Welcome to the Spiritual Oneness that is within you and that you ARE ~ A Revolving Experience of!

Each Spirit, each soul is a most important visitor on this earth dimension. We are all interconnected to one another, for each soul provides us with the Soul Rememberings that we have come to R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) within. We are all mirrors of one another. Each Spirit, each soul is free from being an interruption within our life's and soul's path, they are the purpose of it. Each soul is free from being an outsider on the walk of our spiritual journey, they are a part of it. We are free from doing each soul a favor by serving them, they are doing us a favor by gifting us an opportunity to do and BE so, for in doing and BEing so, we illuminate our soul as One.

~ Espavo ~















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The greatest gift you can give to me and to all is to remember who you are, BE who you are, and assist others to BE the same. That is the most beautiful gift of love you can honour me with. My life is lived in the inspired passion of creating through music, prose, & words of wisdom, then to give such creations to all. The purpose of which is to touch lives in beautiful ways and to help them to R.E.S.T. or to Remember,Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure the Love and Light you are and we all are. These channelings and use of my gifts represent a life dedicated to expressing thoughts, images, & feelings that connect us all as we are all One. Such gifts are freely given. If you desire to in turn bring gift of gratitude for such a gift bestowed upon you, I will be humbly honoured and grateful for your having touched my life in return. If you so choose, you can provide a love offering in exchange



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