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These channelings, articles, and prose are the messages from the Master Artist we know as Spirit/God/Source Energy as it has poured through my hands. They are listed below. They are the Universe's gift to all souls of this earth dimension. These are the messages that reside within the Soul, the Spiritual Soul BEing we ARE (A Revolving Experience of) that we have chosen unconsciously to forget in coming here to this earth dimension to play this game called LIFE. These offerings are gifted here to assist you with Re-membering (or experiencing the memory) of who you ARE as an Infinitely Spiritual BEing of Love and Light within a physical human form and within this physical human form, we re-member the Infinitely Spiritual BEing of Love and Light that we ARE! These are just some of the infinite channeled messages from the Universe. There are infinitely others offered in the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness Spiritual Treasure Chest we call a book, as well as, within all of the pages within this website. Although my name graces these pages as author, I am free from being the author of such wisdom. Such is from the Master Artist, and I, I am just the clear channel in which it pours through. It is wisdom by All That Is, for All That Is, which includes all of us souls here on this earth and within the infinite universe.

May this wisdom gifted from the Universe, from your soul to you bring forth to you the gift (Gift ~ Gifting Infinitely From Tao; Tao which is the Life Source Energy we all are and emanate from) of a way of BEing that is uplifting, inspirational, and full of Soul Rememberings Through Life Experience within your spiritual journey!  Enjoy their gifts and may your heart be guided by Love, and may your songs echo this same heart.



















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The greatest gift you can give to me and to all is to remember who you are, BE who you are, and assist others to BE the same. That is the most beautiful gift of love you can honour me with. My life is lived in the inspired passion of creating through music, prose, & words of wisdom, then to give such creations to all. The purpose of which is to touch lives in beautiful ways and to help them to R.E.S.T. or to Remember,Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure the Love and Light you are and we all are. These channelings and use of my gifts represent a life dedicated to expressing thoughts, images, & feelings that connect us all as we are all One. Such gifts are freely given. If you desire to in turn bring gift of gratitude for such a gift bestowed upon you, I will be humbly honoured and grateful for your having touched my life in return. If you so choose, you can provide a love offering in exchange












Infinite Universal Copyright Nenari Princess of the Sea, Diamondlady.net

Please feel free to share this wisdom as you so choose, as this wisdom is available for all to treasure for the Soul Rememberings that they are