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The Language of Spirit




Below here is selected excepted pieces from the "Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness" Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter) relating to The Language of Spirit....

You are infinitely being sent signs about what path to choose within your Life Experience
Walking In Beauty
You can choose to read and interpret the Messages to help you remember the light of who you are and to choose the choices you wish to choose.
The Language of Spirit is how Spirit, how the universe communicates with us here on this earth dimension. It is also how we as Multi~Dimensional Spiritual Soul BEings communicate in the Spirit Dimensions, here on this earth dimension, and in all of the Infinite Multi Dimensions within the Universe of All That Is. It is the connection of what it is that we experience as an inner wisdom, an inner understanding, an inner knowing of and from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is that we are and emanate from that we bring forth here to this earth dimension to remember which is also enhanced by this earth dimension ways of knowing of and communicating with Spirit that we come here to explore.

There are infinite ways to come to remember the language of Spirit, of the Universe of All That Is. Remembering of the language of Spirit is simple because really we already know and understand of this language of Spirit; it is that we simply have forgotten as a part of the game of LIFE that we have chosen to come here to this earth dimension to play. As Spiritual Soul BEings from the spiritual dimensions and of The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is, we are telepathic, inner wisdom, inner understanding, inner knowing sensual (as in sensing) BEings. This is who we are when we are within the spiritual dimensions. These are our spiritual senses. It is simply how and if we choose to tune in to it and the way in which we do so that gives us our unique gifts.

These sensings come through in the form of the Soul Eye or Third Eye pictures and images, spiritual Multi~Dimensional Observing, telepathic messages of thoughtenergy and light, the reflection of projecting astrally what we desire or where we desire to be or whom we desire to be and reflecting it instantaneously into BEing into existence, and spiritual sensing of inner knowing or inner understanding or inner wisdom which is a an inner feeling, in which we just simply know and have wisdom of All That Is.

Then there is this earth dimension in which we choose to come here to explore the other ways of BEing Sensual or earth dimension sensing BEings. These earth dimension sensings come through the physical body which include that of physical hearing through the ears, physical smelling through the nose, physical tasting through the mouth, physical seeing through the eyes, physical speaking through the throat, physical sensing of e~motion and feeling through the solar plexus and heart.

This is why we choose to come to this earth dimension for the experience of knowing what it is like to physically feel, to touch, to smell, to taste, to speak, and to hear. Combining into One these infinite ways of communicating energy then gifts us with what we refer to here on this earth dimension as the names of:


*       Clear hearing (Clairaudience)


*       Clear seeing either through the physical eyes or the spiritual Soul Eye, which is often referred to as the Third Eye (Clairvoyance)


*       Clear sensing of feelings and e~motions (Empathy)


*       Clear smelling (Clairalience)


*       Clear tasting (Clairambience)


*       BEing an earth dimension observer (Clairobservance)


*       BEing the Spiritual Oneness Observer of seeing Infinite Spiritual Oneness in all, of all, for all, and with all (Claironeness)


*       Communication through thoughtenergy in words, symbols or pictures (telepathy)


*       Communication through what we know as a ‘gut feeling’ or an intuitive hunch (Clairintuition or Clairsentience)


*       Communication through instantaneous manifestation of thoughtenergy (Clairreflection)


*       An idea that comes forth to us that carries us to where we are meant to go or in who we are meant to BE (Inspiration, BEing In Spirit)


*       Alignments and synchronicities within our earth dimensional lives as Spiritual Soul BEings and as Spiritual Soul BEings experiencing an earth dimensional LIFE (Clairsyncness or Clairalignment)


*       Communication through automatic writing free from controlling what is written or channeling through messages in the form of spoke words in a meditative trance (Clairchanneling or being a clear channel)


*       An inner knowing, inner understanding, feeling or inner wisdom (Claircognizance)


*       The noticing of repetitious signs from the universe and being guided by those signs (Serendipity or Synchronicity)

The word ‘Clair’ to mean clear and the other word to mean the clear way of communicating spiritually within this earth dimension and within all dimensions. This is how we develop our spiritual gifts and utilize them to communicate with Spirit in the spiritual dimensions, as well as, how to communicate telepathically and spiritually with all souls on this earth dimension and within all of the infinite dimensions and universes.

It is through the universe and Spirit communicating with us here on this earth dimension within the messages coming through to us in all of these infinite forms that we remember, know, have the wisdom of and with, and experience the Language of Spirit. The Spiritually funny part of this is that since our spiritual centre is global, that while we have a physical centre here where we live, we are also a virtual centre. As such, the bulk of the spiritual readings I gift to all souls tends to be via email over the internet due to its global reach just like Spirit of any moment, anywhere, and any which way we so desire this connection to be. It was within this that I began to call these Clair's, as the E~Clairs or e~mail Clairs  Yummy! Éclairs are one of my favourite pastries!  

Do We Know How Spiritually Sensual We Really Are?

Do We Know and experience the inner wisdom deep within our soul as to just how Spiritually Sensual we really are? This is free from the sensual of the sexual union, but is rather from a Spiritual Oneness Sensing perspective. Spirit brings forth the wisdom to us and invites us to experience the deep inner wisdom of remembering what our soul already is in resonance with but we chose to forget within this game of LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience) that:


Within our Spiritual sense of smell, in the physical body of the nose is sensing system that we can "smell" another souls e~motions and feelings


Within our Spiritual sense of hearing, in the physical body of the ears are receptors that identify and detect transformations, shifts in pressure and electromagnetic frequencies


Within our Spiritual sense of touch, we have skin receptors that detect motion within the physical body and soul, as well as outside of the body, even when the physical body is asleep


Within our Spiritual sense of sound, we have sensory systems that can locate and identify pitch of sound, sense of heat infinitely across what we call here on this earth dimension as great distances, a sense of frequencies and waves...both energetic and physical


Within our Spiritual sense of Universal Oneness, we sense and respond to universal, solar, and lunar rhythms and when we are tuned in we can sense universal dimensions shifts and changes including this earth dimension changes


Within our Spiritual sense of Sight, when the physical body of the Pineal gland acts as a soul~visual photo receptor which has the ability to connect with the Universal, earth, and other infinite dimensions

All of these are ways and infinitely others that we communicate with the infinite dimensions and beyond.

Communicating With Spirit on This Earth Dimension

How do we communicate with spirit here on this earth dimension? What are we to be alert for and come to know as the wisdom of and remember as Spirit’s messages to us? The messages are always, in all ways with us, around us, and within us. They are that thoughtenergy that just comes to us when we are free from knowing where in the universe it came from (Inspiration, BEing In Spirit). They are the inner knowing and inner understanding about something that we were free of ever feeling like we knew about and then all of the sudden it just comes to us (Claircognizance). Spirit is that voice inside us speaking to us even if it is something we may be free from always wishing to hear but is the guidance of the Soul Rememberings we have come here to treasure (telepathy). Our Middle son Matthew in his spiritual inner wisdom often refers to telepathy as the Spiritual Telephone of the Universe. In essence Spirit reveals that the wisdom that Matthew shares with us is so, as when we are communicating telepathically with Spirit or with all souls, we are spiritually calling via a spiritual telephone of sorts through a soul to soul, spirit to spirit communicational language. This too, is why the internet is through telephone lines and has become such a vital connection to all of us souls here on this earth dimension, as it is a way of showing us an outside example of what we are within, so that we may come to R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) within it, coming full circle to our telepathic communications.

Spirit is that song that gets stuck inside our head that just comes to us as we say it here on this earth dimension as "out of the blue" and we feel like we are unsure of where it originated from. It may be a song that comes to us, that there is a message from spirit within the words of the song, or the song name itself, or a soul that we know related to that song (Clairaudience). Spiritual Communication is there when all of the sudden we pull into the parking lot and poof! there is a parking space without us having to search for one (Clairreflection).

When we can see in our Soul's Eye or Third Eye pictures that Spirit shows us like when a friend’s face comes to us and then we see them a few earth dimension days later. Or it could be within the cloud formations in the sky that we see a vortex cloud or a seagull in the clouds, or maybe it is the seeing of a vision of our fondest dream coming to fruition within a meditation within our Soul’s Eye or Third Eye (Clairvoyance). When there is a feeling like that gut feeling we get that guides us, or hunch we have about another soul or about something, such as that our friend is going to call and then the phone rings, Spirit is bringing forth a message to us (Clairintuition or Clairsentience). It can also be empathetically speaking where we pick up on another souls e~motions, feelings, thoughtenergies, axioms, and perceptions of physical pain; and then we choose unconsciously for it to be our own and we are free from knowing where it came from (Empathy or that of BEing an empath). When we are automatically writing free from controlling what is written or channeling through messages in the form of spoke words in a meditative trance this is Spirit’s way of channeling message through us (Clairchanneling or being a clear channel).

When we are able to observe the e~motions of any given event that is occurring in our LIFE from a view that has us realize the e~motions are there free from us having to delve into them, this is Spirit coming through bringing the gift of assisting us with harmony and balance in our lives (Clairobservance). As we come to the place where we are able to be in~love in Absoulute Love with LIFE ~ with, for, of, and in All where our life is PEACEful (experiencing the fullness of Purely Experiencing Absoulute Cosmic Enlightenment) and in synchronicity flowing effortlessly, Spirit has guided us to Spiritual Oneness (Claironeness). When we experience spiritual alignments and synchronicities such as numbers being in sequence (such as on our earth dimensional clocks of 12:34, or 11:11, or 2:22, or 2:34, or 5:55 etc.) or numbers or variables of numbers equaling other numbers (12 meaning Two BEing One, 18 being One Infinitely, 11 or 1 meaning the infinitely spiritual BEing of Love and Light of Universal Oneness of All That Is), or things in our LIFE clicking effortlessly together free from us having to be a human doing and “doing” anything, this is Spirit’s way of bringing forth alignment and synchronicity into our lives (Clairsyncness or Clairalignment).  

When we can smell, as in the smell of our grandmother's perfume of whom has transformed to a Spiritual Soul BEing or even if she is still in physical form but free from being physically in our presence as a way of knowing she is with us (Clairalience), and when we taste as in tasting our mother's spaghetti in our mouth and we are free from having spaghetti in our mouth or anywhere around may be the sign from spirit to call our mother (Clairambience). When we have placed into BEing something that we desire and then we are paying attention to and are receiving signs through all of these means mentioned above here and other signs, this is Spirit communicating with us through these signs (Serendipity or Synchronicity). These are the infinite ways we come to know, to come to remember of the Language of Spirit, the Language of the Universe, the Language of All That Is. 

Spirits messages can come in a plethora of forms. These are earth dimension names gifted to us from Spirit to describe the plethora of infinite ways of Spirit’s Language. Messages can come in the form of pictures, in metaphors, within the inner knowing or intuition that we have. Spirits message can come through an invitation of a Soul Remembering to be Remembered, Embraced, and Soulfully Treasured through another soul or situation. Sometimes even within just pulling out a book, a magazine, or any newspaper and simply asking, “Spirit what is it that I need to know in this moment” and then opening that book, magazine, or newspaper to any spot within it, read what is there on the page in front of us and within those words we will discover a message from Spirit to us as guidance.

How Do We Know?

How will we know if these messages that we receive are coming from ego consciousness or from Spirit, from the Universe, from our Spirit Guides, and from Soul of the Spiritual Light we are? Ego consciousness perception is one of being separate ~ Being separate from all souls, from our soul, and from All That Is. Thus the messages that will come through from ego consciousness perceiving itself as separate will in an attempt to show us a Soul Remembering and will gift the appearance of diverting us from our Soul Life's Purpose, so that our soul may remember the light of who we are. Therefore, messages from ego consciousness are the illusions that appear from a source of e~motions such as that of fear and of lack. The messages from Ego Self of the Soul as being separate are disguised as jealousy, fear, doubt, lack, insecure, desiring to delay our Life's Purpose, believing in a win~lose and are Competitive, an ‘I am better than you’ state of being, fear of abandonment, guilt, schemes, manipulations and so on. These messages are then focused on linearity and directionality such as future and past, higher or lower, and are given within the illusion of being impulsive and inconsistent in their purpose. Ego consciousness’s messages perceiving as separate may come through in what we may be perceived as an abusive or demanding in tone, or greedy~like such as in what we call a tantrum. 

When Spirit is coming through, the message is one of Absoulute love. The messages are then coming through as confident, purposeful and fulfilling, inviting us to look at and embrace a Soul Remembering, an inner wisdom of just knowing, gently guiding for the Soul Remembering of our Life and Soul’s Purpose. The Master Artist we know as Spirit shares that their messages come through as interested in BEing of Spiritual Oneness in Absoulute Love, PEACE (Purely Experiencing Absoulute Cosmic Enlightenment), joy, bliss for all, of all, in all, with all.  Guidance from Spirit, from the Universal Source of All That Is is always, In All Ways in the moment, generous and sure footed.  The messages may come through free from being exactly what we desire to here or how we wish to hear it, but when the messages come through from spirit it is free from doubt. Within our inner wisdom, our inner knowing of the Soul, we just know. It is an inner knowing, an inner wisdom that Ah Ha! Moment that says YES! This resonates within me! This is how we will know.  

About Spirit Souls

When a soul chooses to be in axiom with the perceived duality of this earth dimension, then a soul is then choosing also to believe in the duality of good spirit and bad spirit. The infinitely spiritual BEing of Love and Light says that if a soul is perceived either here on this earth dimension while they are here or as a transformed Spiritual Soul BEing or Spirit Soul as "evil", then it is the soul who is here on this earth dimension that is choosing to experience this perception of “evil” that creates this other soul as such. The Spiritual Soul BEing within physical form or Spirit Soul themselves is free from BEing evil then as they are simply BEing who they are ~ A Spiritual Soul BEing within physical form or within Spirit Soul form. It is therefore, within our perception as to how we view another soul.

When one steps into the Multi~Dimensional Spirit that we are, we then come to know that there is Infinite Light and Absoulute Love, that we are free from there being a duality or polarity of good or bad, right or wrong. When we resonate within a state of Spiritual Oneness, things such as what we call here on this earth dimension as right and wrong, good and evil cease to exist, as we know that we are in a space of Oneness, of Absoulute Love and of Infinite Light. Spirit comes through then in Absoulute Love and of Infinite Light. If we are experiencing something other than this, it is then a manifestation of ego consciousness’s e~motional fear of the unknown.

These other infinite forms of Spirit Souls being as “bad or evil” may exist in other infinite universes and dimensions and then within our fear of the unknown be brought forth to this earth dimension as we perceive them within experiencing through the illusion of ego consciousness, however, within this earth dimension “bad or evil” Spirit Soul are free from existing as the infinitely spiritual BEing of Love and Light shares that here on this earth dimension Spirit comes through Absoulute Love and Infinite Light. Shedding light on this perceived unknown by shifting and merging ego consciousness into Spiritual Oneness of the Soul as a Whole, to make it known brings spiritual wisdom to us and it is within this understanding then that we are able to know of Spirit free from fear of the unknown, as the unknown then is known. If we view LIFE, Spirit, and other Spiritual Souls either here on this earth dimension or residing within other dimensions, within the Spiritual Oneness Multi~Dimensional Spirit that we are, then we see that all souls are here to show us a Soul Remembering, even ones we perceive in ego consciousness as evil. Thus, Spirit shares that if we are to view all souls as being here to show us the gift of a Soul Remembering to treasure, we can then thank them for the gift of this Soul Remembering and thus we then experience the inner wisdom of knowing that this soul then is free from BEing "evil" that it was simply our perception within ego consciousness as being separate that places us in the illusion of the appearance that this soul appeared to us to be evil. It is then that what we would call as an evil or bad Spirit Soul, is then free from existing as all souls then are seen in Absoulute Love and Infinite Light within all Infinite Dimensions, Infinite Universes, and Infinite Parallel Universes including this earth dimension.

As we know, that there are what we call on this earth dimension of duality as effects for what Spirit calls Divine Free Choice (or what we call here on this earth dimension as Divine Free Will). Those effects are within the choices we choose as to whether we choose to see all souls, regardless of if they are here or in other dimensions, as "evil" or as Absoulute Love and of Infinite Light. The effect is really what Spirit calls as the experience, and the experience is what we choose it to BE. As Spirit reveals, what we choose to BE so in our thoughtenergy, will come to BE within our experience. Thus if we choose to see this earth dimension, spiritual dimensions, and infinitely other dimensions and Universes of souls as "evil", then this is what our experience will BE. Spirit Souls may at moments come through in what may appear to be a ‘scary or bad’ experience such as flickering of lights, or things moving, or televisions turning on and off or changing channels or other what we would deem as unusual ways. I know this occurred for me one moment when Aaron’s grandmother and grandfather were coming through with messages for us. One warm evening as I was writing here (channeling) on the computer several earth dimensional years ago and our fan began going in and out like an electrical surge attempting to go off but then surging back on. I looked up at the fan, and it would stop. Then a few moments later, our light bulb in our touchier lamp began flicking off and on, like someone was turning the light switch on and off.

Of course, I was the one soul within physical human form in the room at the time, as Aaron and Chris were downstairs Yu~gi~oh card dueling and Matthew and Anthony were both in their rooms watching their televisions. After this occurred about five times, I went out into the hallway to ask Aaron and Chris if the lights were surging or anything electrical going on down there, to which they said no. I had thought maybe the light bulb was going out, so I asked Chris to bring me another one. Changed out the light bulb, and as I sat back down to the computer again, it surged yet again! Between this and the next morning when our toilet overflowed in our bathroom, I then knew who was attempting to contact me. It was Aaron’s grandparents (Aaron’s grandfather was a plumber by trade while here in this Life Experience as well as he watched a lot of TV thereby the electricity) as they had a message for him which he received through me that very evening in our Spiritual Communication Circle. The message to him was that he was free from having to take on so much of LIFE’s seemingly “problems”, that he could gift them to the Universe and allow the Universe to in the Soul Remembering of Inspiration guide him where he was meant to go and to BE who he is meant to BE. Once the message was received, the perceived “electrical issues” were free from occurring. It is when what we would consider to be strange things such as this occur that it is simply as a way for Spirit Souls to awaken us to convey a message to us. There are moments when we are free from listening to the messages that have been coming through from a given Spiritual Soul, thus some Spiritual Souls will then utilize what we may call in ego consciousness perception of scary or strange and such ways simply as their way of inviting us to get our attention. We have many Spirit Souls whom are with us and come to us, as Spirit is all around us always, In All Ways. It is just how in~tune we choose to be and are to their presence and their presents or gifts of messages in Absoulute Love and Infinite Light that they have for us.

The Spirit Souls whom come to us in Absoulute Love and Infinite Light, bring forth guidance and messages that are for the Soul Rememberings of the light of who we are. They also come to us for guidance from us, for we as Spiritual Soul BEings are reflections of each other and bring forth Soul Rememberings for and to each other, as Spirit Souls R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) within the Oneness of the wisdom gifted from us to them just as much as we do from the wisdom that they gift to us. Some Spirit Souls just come to request help in remembering that of what our soul already knows and their soul also already knows that these Spirit Souls have forgotten of the light of who we all are. They seek our guidance in assisting them to remember just as souls do so here on this earth dimension. And it is within this assistance that we gift them, that they remember and so do we. To us that Spirit Souls are free from BEing feared by us, as fear is born out of ego consciousness that believes that we are somehow separate from these Spirit Souls.

When really we are all connected as we are all Spiritual Soul BEings, we are all One, and yes that includes the Spirit Souls whom come to us. We are these Spirit Souls, thus, how can we fear that of who we are? Spirit comes through in Absoulute Love and Infinite Light, just as we come through and are Absoulute Love and Infinite Light. Hence, any Spirits perceived to come through as anything other than Absoulute Love and Infinite Light are of the creation of the fear and doubt within The Ego Self of the    Soul ~ a fear and doubt of the Absoulute Love and Infinite Light that this Spirit Soul brings to us and that we are. The infinitely spiritual BEing of Love and Light invites us then to we receive these Spirit Souls for the guides that they are to us and for us. To listen, see, feel, and be guided by the gifts of message they have for us as they come from and through Absoulute Love and Infinite Light.

As such, a Spirit Soul is free from the illusion of somehow ‘taking our power’ away or ‘making us feel scared’ or somehow possessing us. This too is an illusion of fear created by ego consciousness to show us the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Spiritual Oneness; of awakening us to embracing our spiritual gifts. The perceived power is really that of our spiritual gifts and our spiritual gifts reside within us. Therefore, our spiritual gifts are free from being possessed or “taken” away unless we choose for it to be taken away. It is then our choice to gift our spiritual gifts to another soul rather than having anything ‘taken away’ from us. It is when we choose to reside within ego consciousness that perceives ourselves as separate, that we somehow believe in the illusion of something being taken. The Master Artist we know as Spirit shares that we believe the illusion then that something has been taken away because it creates another illusion that we are somehow separated from Spirit, separated from All That Is, separated from our spiritual gifts, and separate from each other. It is the illusion that keeps us wrapped up in forgetting to see our soul, our spiritual gifts as we and they truly are. Spirit imparts the wisdom then that a soul, any soul, whether here on this earth dimension or within any other dimension is free from taking what is something other than theirs to take and since our soul and our spiritual gifts reside within us, there are free from being taken and gifted if we so choose to gift them.

Some souls here on this earth dimension are within the axiom of being in the illusion of duality, thereby believing that these “bad spirits” need to somehow be eradicated. Some souls believe that they can utilize things such as spells, potions, or herbs such as Sage to do so. Sage is a wonderful herb, and so is the use of spells, potions, and herbs if one chooses to utilize them. However, since it really is a Spirit Souls choice if they wish to stay or to move on elsewhere, the use of Sage or of a spell is really then a means to attempt to free us from the illusion of something being "wrong" or bad here and an attempt to control another soul of which we are free from having any control of. We may kindly within the guise of a spell, potion, herb, incantation and such ask that this Spirit Soul move on, but as we will see later within the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Compassion, it is truly this Spirit Soul’s choice as to whether they choose to comply with our request or to be something other than this.

It is our illusion that a Spirit Soul is somehow good or bad right or wrong that continues what we believe is this soul being a certain way. Spirit reveals that what it is we experience the thoughtenergy of comes into BEing for us in our experience, so if they choose to see this experience as a "negative" one in need of cleansing, then this is what they will continue to get. However, if we are simply to shift our vibrations and axioms to the Spiritual Wisdom that we are free from there being anything “wrong” or “bad” that a Spirit Soul comes to be helped or to help, then the illusion is thereby transformed and is free from existing. This also can mean that if we so desire a Spirit Soul to be free from our presence, if we choose to perceive them as free from our presence, then they will be so. If they stay and persist within their way of BEing then it is because they have a message for us or are requesting assistance and/or that we are being invited to R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) within the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Spiritual Oneness. As such, when we have come into this inner wisdom, embracing and treasuring it, the Spirit Soul will then leave us of their own Divine Free Choice. And here is the punch line if you will ~ we, yes, we are the ones whom create this, because when we incarnate here we forget whom we are as a Spiritual Soul BEing, and thus is the game of LIFE, that we create this to remember whom we are as a soul, as a Spiritual Soul BEing. We create these illusions so that we may come to the Soul Rememberings within this game of LIFE, to know of the beauty, awe, and the wonder of Spirit, of the home that we emanate from and are of The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is.  

Still, some souls may question….Are there good and evil spirits? Both. What is in our thoughtenergy will come to BE in our experience. Therefore, Spirit imparts if we are coming from a space of that this earth dimension is evil and that Spirit is evil, then this is what will BE so in our experience. However, if we are in a resonance of The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is, then the Universe and everything and anything in it is beautiful, and Spirit comes to and through us in Infinite Light and Absoulute Love in which what we would call then in ego consciousness as an evil spirit ceases to exist.

As we are One Infinitely Spiritual Light Oneness BEing, we come from and are a resonance of and in all possibilities, therefore each is possible, as we include all free from excluding any possibilities. Spirit shares with us that it is within the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Choice then that it is a matter of choosing what experience we are BEing in, whom we are choosing to BE, and what we choose to create. We are co~creators with the Universal All That Is therefore, if we are creating the experience that there are “good” and “evil” Spirit Souls within the field of earth dimensional duality, then so it is for us and then we are apart of creating the evil that we see. If we see Spirit Souls through the eyes of Spiritual Oneness in Absoulute Love and Infinite Light, then we are apart of creating that Absoulute Love and Infinite Light. When we step into a space of Infinite Possibilities of BEing In Spirit, then the choice is effortless and we choose Absoulute Love and Infinite Light ~ to BE Absoulute Love and Infinite Light and to create Absoulute Love and Infinite Light two BEing as One.

For children and even for us who are earth dimensionally older, who experience a Spirit Soul visiting us as somehow scary, or evil, or bad, these messages here are a way for us to understand and come into Spiritual Oneness wisdom with who Spirit and Spirit Souls are. For earth dimensionally older souls, I recommend the reading of this book for this understanding and wisdom. Children as well, as this book can be adapted to any child’s earth dimension chronological age and physical intellect. Also, some other books that I recommend that are written for children that may be of assistance in explaining Spirit, Spirit Souls, Chakras, Auras, and more can be discovered by reading “Mountains, Meadows and Moonbeams” By Mary Summer Rain and “Rainbow Soul” by Marilyn Rich and Barbara Bancroft. Mary Summer Rain writes beautifully on a child's level, as a story that can be read with a child to explain things such as what Spirit is, why we are here, how we are born, about dreams and such on a child's resonance that they can understand and remember the wisdom that is already within them that they just have forgotten which gives the appearance of a Spirit Soul coming to visit them as scary in their perception of the unknown. The unknown as in the forgetting or un~remembered. This then creates the space for it to be known. This is why we call the process enlightenment, as it is Spiritual Wisdom of which we already know within our Soul, being brought to Light turning this earth dimension of duality into the Multi~Dimensionality of Spirit and the Universe within. “Rainbow Soul” by Marilyn Rich and Barbara Bancroft is an actual story all about the Chakras and seeing the light within us written as a child's story that we can read with our children. Both of these books I have and refer to them often as both of them are written so beautifully. They are books that we and our children will treasure for many earth dimensional years to come. 

There are also two wonderful guided meditations that we can utilize with our children that will benefit them in relaxing, calming, remembering their connection with Spirit through the benefits of meditation. One is Anodea Judith's The Illuminating Chakras DVD, available by visiting Anodea’s website at http://www.sacredcenters.com/video.html. This is a visual meditation that is very colorful and children and adults alike just Absoulutely Love it! All three of our boys have been using it ever since its release and they love the beautiful colors and sounds that accompany the Chakras. It is also a wonderful meditation for us as well to use and we can use it together as a family if you so choose as we do. Our middle son Matthew, who is now almost ten at the publication of this book, when this DVD was first released discovered that one can choose within the audio settings of the DVD to use the poem and music selection with the sounds and pictures, as well as, the selection that speaks of each Chakra and its meaning according to Anodea’s presentation along with the sounds and pictures, so there are two ways to view it which we discover pleasuring. Matthew seems to prefer the poem and music selection setting, as to him he says “The other one is too technical and I like to just flow with the meditation Mom”, which is fine with me, as I embrace bothJ. The other meditation I recommend is a CD meditation designed just for children (but adults can also use this if they so choose to) called The Floppy Sleep Game available at http://www.Nenariteel.com/products.htm. Nenari Teel sends out a newsletter each month for parents and children with tips on how to relax for sleep and it is a form of mediation. I listened to her speak on Natural Mom’s Internet Talk Radio Show with Carrie Lauth, available at http://www.naturalmomstalkradio.com (a show that I too was also a guest on, speaking on the book Life Long Learning available at http://www.lifelonglearning4all.com or worldwide on amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Borders Books, and many other retailers globally. Carrie is a wonderful woman and I am honoured to know her in this Life Experience) and while I can say that for me personally some of the things she spoke of in her interview that are in her accompanying book, that speak of children's sleep patterns are free from being in alignment with the spiritual messages I have received about allowing children to discover their own intuitive balance which I have written of here and within the Life Long Learning Book, the CD I believe is a helpful tool. One can also view the archives of her newsletter, which too is helpful (I subscribe to this as well) by visiting Nenari’s archives page available at http://www.Nenariteel.com/newsletter.htm

We are our resonance; we are the experience of our resonance. As a soul who experiences connection within the soul, who knows the soul, knows then how the heart of their soul resonates. They are connected to the heart of the soul and connected to that FEELing. They know when they resonate with and within and when they are free from this; it is the experience of clarity of who we ARE. Our resonance is the FEELing within the heart of the soul, that all inclusive inner wisdom knowing of who we are, as A Revolving Experience of GOD or Gift of Divinity. Coming into BEing with the knowing of who we are as A Revolving Experience of the Divine from within our soul is an inner wisdom that FEELS like if there is something anything that is free from resonating with us or within us, that we are free to choose to shift its resonance to that of which does resonate with us and within us. It is like that of a radio station where we switch channels. When a channel or when anything in LIFE resonates with us and within us, we are invited to allow the illusions within ego consciousness of control and of analyzing the wisdom gifted, to shift into BEing with it, bringing our BEingness as a soul into Spiritual Oneness with and within the wisdom and enjoy the journey of where it takes us; to BE within the openness and freedom as in free with the revelation and inspiration that comes to us.

When we resonate with a soul, with a Spirit, with the channel that they ARE for us, it is because it is something that is within us that we see within this soul that is a reflection of us. Any channel, any soul,  any Spirit, although we may share wisdom through infinite ideas and resonances, it is through the resonance of BEing One, of BEing free from the illusions of separateness that gifts us, that awakens us to and has us reside within the Spiritual Oneness that is who we ARE. If there is an appearance of separation within a soul and within the channel of wisdom that they gift us, then it is simply (or as simple as) a reflection of this soul’s, this channeler’s illusions of choosing consciously or unconsciously to BE in axiom with ego consciousness’s illusion of separateness; that they are free from BEing within Spiritual Oneness resonance with who they are and within what it is that they are channeling that this is what we perceive them as. It is then our perception of the separateness within us that we are seeing through this other soul. For whatever it is that we are choosing to be in resonance with, from, and through another soul, through the wisdom that they gift, that they channel; if we are to go and look at what it is that resonates within us about this soul and the wisdom they channel, we come to the realization that the FEELing that they gift us is a FEELing, a resonance that we can create within us, as we Already and Always ARE this. It is free from being another soul “out there” or “words out there” that creates this, it is us. We create this…All souls, all wisdom that is gifted within this earth dimension and within the infinite dimensions and universes is US (Universally Spiritual), is a reflection of US.

Shifting Vibrations 

The Soul Remembering of vibration is that everything vibrates ~ a table, a lamp, us and so on. The Language of Spirit then is kind of like remembering what it is that our Soul has forgotten, another Language ~ the Language of Spiritual Energy, the Language of the Soul. If on this earth dimension here, we wish to communicate with a soul who speaks the earth dimensional language of Japanese, we choose earth dimensional learning of how to speak Japanese so that we may communicate with that soul in that language. Spirit shares with us that we really are free from learning anything, much less anything new spiritually. Since we are always, In All Ways, connected to and communicating with Spirit and with The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is, that it is within being in ego consciousness perceiving ourselves as somehow separate from Spirit, separate from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is, that keeps us within the axiom that we are somehow disconnected and needing to re~connect. Thus, we are really free from learning anything as we are just simply remembering that of which our soul chose to forget in coming to this earth dimension to play this game called LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience). It also is free from being new then as it is simply a remembering of this Spiritual Energy Language, something of which we already experience the inner wisdom of in the soul. Shifting our vibrations and shifting of the axioms from ego consciousness as separate which resides within a space of duality, and merging this Ego Self of the Soul into the Whole of the Soul of Spiritual Oneness which resides within a space of Multi~Dimensionality is the way to remember our connection to, with, and through Spirit and The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is.

How can we shift our vibrations to remember our connection to, through, and with Spirit and The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is? We shift our vibrations through meditation, singing, laughing, dancing, our thoughtenergies ~ placing within our thoughtenergy in what it is we desire to manifest, rather than on what we wish to be free from manifesting in our lives. Breathing also shifts the energetic vibrations ~ deep breathing and focusing on the breath of LIFE. Grounding is yet another way of shifting our vibrations. BEing centered through toning praxis also reminds us of our connection to, with, and through Spirit. Toning is a form of mantra or singing which allows for the balancing of the Chakras through vibrational resonance thereby providing a clear channel of connection to, with, and through Spirit and The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is. Movement is yet another way to shift energetic vibrations. Stretching and moving the physical body can shift our consciousness. Yoga is a wonderful meditative movement, which incorporates many of these ways of shifting vibrations to remember the connection that is ever constant with Spirit and with the Universal Source of All That Is. Yet another way is through that of the crystal and Tibetan brass bowls. These bowls resonate at a variety of vibrations to balance and align the physical body, and the Spirit, two BEing as One. 

How can I?......

Souls come to me infinitely, asking that I be their Spiritual Mentor and ask me as their mentor or as a Spiritual Medium ~ “How can I develop my spiritual gifts?” and “How can I make them stronger?” and “Why is one particular spiritual gift seeming to be stronger than my other gifts?” and “Why cannot I not have the gift of ~~~ (you fill in the blank)? and “So and so can do this, or you are this, why not me?”

My former husband Aaron often would ask me these questions, as well as many other souls on this earth dimension in readings and such. Aaron would always ask this in ego consciousness’s experience of the e~motion we call here on this earth dimension of frustration, as he was always perplexed as to why was it that Spirit would come through to him gifting messages “only” through pictures and free from ever being in words, or sounds, or hearing or any of the other infinite ways Spirit communicates with, to, and through us. What he was free from seeing in that moment was within a merging of ego consciousness into the Soul as a Whole or Whole Soul in Spiritual Oneness, of all of the infinite ways that Spirit does communicate with, to, and through us. That it is free from ego consciousness’s illusion of “only” one way, that it is that he was simply choosing to see “only” one way that brought forth the experience of him being in axiom with that Spirit ‘only’ communicates with him one way and one way ‘only’. That this Ego Self of the Soul e~motion of frustration is simply a reminder to R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) within the Soul Remembering of being open to the Infinite Possibilities to the infinite ways Spirit communicates with, to, and through us rather than choosing to delve into The Ego Self of the Soul’s Rabbit Hole of e~motion which gave the appearance as frustration. When Aaron shifted this axiom, he is now in this resonance that Spirit has gifted us the wisdom of.

We all have every one of these spiritual gifts mentioned in this Spiritual Treasure Gift and infinitely others as well. It is within the being aware of All That Is, which is Spirit as Spirit is in anything and everything; thus we can BE and are anything, everything, and All That Is. There is a spiritual reason for everything and everything has a spiritual reason it is One Infinite Circle. When we are in a space of resonance of ego consciousness as somehow separate from the Universal Source of All That Is in e~motions such as anger, hurt, fear then this is what will continue to reflect to us. This is Spirit's way, the Universe's way of communicating with us through the invitation of a Soul Remembering within our Life Experience. In this resonance of BEing the other ways of communicating with Spirit are occurring, it is that we may be free from being open to receive them as our focus is on ego consciousness Rabbit Hole of delving into the e~motion rather than choosing to treasure the Soul Remembering within our Life Experience. We may in ego consciousness attempt to experience that everything is separate and thus everything has ‘only’ a spiritual cause or ‘only’ an earth dimension cause, or ‘only’ a physical cause. However, when we come into the resonance of Spiritual Oneness, we are within inner wisdom that everything is spiritually connected. We are free from having to “do” anything to develop our gifts or to make them stronger. They impart that these are of the duality perception, that we are somehow separate from our spiritual gifts and that we, in this field of duality perception, “must somehow seek them out and make them stronger”. Concepts such as stronger and weaker, or so and so has a spiritual gift and we are free from having it, are Ego Self of the Soul perceiving our soul to be and our spiritual gifts to be separate from us, from all souls, and from the Universal Source of All That Is.

It is within the seeing, the feeling, the telepathic ways, the listening, the observing, the smelling, the tasting, the inspiration, and the other infinite ways Spirit communicates with, to, and through us that their messages can be known. BEing open to any and all ways, knowing that In All Ways Spirit is around us, within us, and within everything that is here on this earth dimension and the many Multi~Dimensional existences is how we come to BE our spiritual gifts. It is free from anything we have to “do”, we just are. BEing consciously, infinitely aware that is how we come to know the Language of Spirit, the Language that is ours as well, as we are Spirit and Spirit is us. We are simply (as simple as) remembering the connection free from having to “seek out” or “discover anything”.

That the reason a particular spiritual gift may have the appearance of coming through stronger in certain moments of this earth dimensional concept of time, is simply because it is Spirit’s way of waking us up to our spiritual gift and inviting us to utilize it here consciously to assist ourselves in our lives and all souls within theirs. It is at the moment that we are within Spiritual Oneness continuously that we then are the inner knowing, the inner wisdom or what we call here on this earth dimension as the Claircognizance of Spirit ~ simply a knowing that inner wisdom of the soul that the messages we are receiving are Spirit and the Universe communicating with us and us with them as we are all One.

It is then within that Spiritual Oneness that all of the infinite ways of the Language of Spirit come alive and we realize and embrace them fully. In this moment, is the opportunity to ask Spirit to bring forth its plethora forms of guidance to us and be willing to listen, feel, see, taste, observe, smell, and through telepathy BE open to receiving their guidance and BE seeing their guidance in the many forms it comes through show up in your LIFE in each moment within the OM, the One Moment. Spirit is all around us in a myriad of forms, always, In All Ways.



























































































There is even more wisdom on how to connect with Spirit within the infinite sections of this Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter) on The Language of Spirit. I invite you to read Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience to come into your ever constant connection with Spirit. I invite you to read the book and to Step into the Soul of who you are.




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Please feel free to share this wisdom as we so choose, as this wisdom is available for all to treasure for the Soul Rememberings they are