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Chris Madsen's website


Website for Twinsouls


Do My Dearest Friend April Lynn Kirkwood's amasing spiritual site filled with wisdom, Light, Love, and beautiful message for all to embrace. Please join her in sharing the Love and Light she is with you all


Do You Know The Truth?

Truth Contest - Mission
This is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth. Give us some truth. You may represent religion, philosophy, science, or yourself. Any prophets out there?


 Mind healing
Find spiritual healing Books, spiritual healing, mind healing and alternative energy healings methods. Get Spiritual healing, Mental, Physical health and science observation and discovery.


Spiritual Movies That Touch the Soul



Vedic Astrology




Yoga Retreat
Yoga Retreat centre in Mexico helps you to develop personal growth and spiritual renewal through meditation, massage and yoga classes.


Healing Science Today Mind healing
Find spiritual healing Books, spiritual healing, mind healing and alternative energy healings methods. Get Spiritual healing, Mental, Physical health and science observation and discovery.



Home Remedies
Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Various Illnesses. User Recommended Treatments and Simple and Best Solutions to be done at home



Lightsource University~ Creating From Nothing Where Everything is possible...The world of endless creation!


Free Reiki Attunements


Radio for connecting with Magic and Light within!
EarthAngel Radio


 Talk with and about fairies, angels, unicorns, dragons, deceased loved ones and anything or anyone else that comes up during the show... As we believe in Law of Attraction and we (including friends from Spirit Realm) are all about Love, Light and Peace, every show is focused only on creating, having and bringing uplifting and loving energy! More clarity in any aspect of life!




Amy is a dear friend whom as assisted me with the artwork cover for the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness Book and is an awe~inspiring gift of Absoulute Love and Infinite Light to me and to all whom she touches. I am honored and blessed to know you in this Life Experience dearest friend!:)






  The Secret! 

And Speaking of Spiritual Movies.... Much Spiritual Confirmation within This Movie That is Written within The Pages of Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness. Although this movie is based upon the laws of the Universe rather than from Spiritual Oneness Multi~Dimensionality, the Message is the Same and is a Wonderful Spiritual Confirmation within Movie Format of the Channeled Messages I Received Years Ago. I Invite You to Watch this Movie as it is Highly Enlightening! Do You Know and Live within The Secret?


Cara's site for 21st Century Shamanic Healing Arts Globally. Wonderful new friend and I highly recommend her site






My Dear Friend Owen Waters book



The Water Cure  

WOW! (wonders of water)

AND Also The Water Cure 2 page



Home of the Miracle II soap products. We use their green soap and their gel and it works wonders at detoxifying the body and restoring the pH level of the body.


                   HERBAL HEALER


About Cell Salts that are essential minerals for life

To purchase these Cell Salts called Bioplasma


Liquid Health™ Complete Multiple
Liquid Health's first all-inclusive daily nutritional product containes the highest quality ingredients, including Optiberry, Ester-C, Lyc-O-Mato and FloraGlo Lutein. The addition of fiber and 10 blends and complexes designed to enhance the whole food based vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids in this formula makes Liquid Health™ Complete the most comprehensive multiple available. Sweetened with agave cactus nectar and fruit juices, Liquid Health™ Complete is a great tasting multi-supplement for the entire family.

For detailed information, visit


Colloidal Silver Generators! Make your own Colloidal Silver for your own well-being. For Information on  Colloidal Silver Click Here! For more on Vibrational Healing having to do with Colloidal Silver, water, the food we eat and more Click Here!


Shaina Noll

(featuring her rendition of "How Could Anyone?" A song that has so deeply touched my soul and brought me to my inner child and Spiritual Light within. You are such a beautiful friend, and I am honored to know you. Thank you for the light of who you are dear friend)


An Amazing man! I spent eight hours in his presence a few years ago having a spiritual booth across from his at a local Spiritual Expo and I met him about 9 earth years ago and fell in love with his Shamanic healing through the power of musical sound healing! I am so honored to you dear friend and thank you for your beautiful healing gift of love to the universe and to all souls.


Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation and Spiritual Healing: 

Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of Kofutu symbols.  Learn Kofutu techniques for healing yourself and others.  Classroom and home study courses are available. Kofutu symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate growth, discovery and healing. 



Peter Sterling ~ Harp Magic



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gay and Kathryn Hendricks

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Esther and Jerry Hicks












Visit These Other Interesting Spiritual and Healing Links


Beyond The Ordinary Dot Net

Lori Toye's I AM America

Fire The Grid

Lester Levenson and The Release Technique

Dr. Laura Di Giorgio: Subliminals and Self Hypnosis

Psych-K~Changing Your Subconscious Beliefs for Accelerated Personal Growth

A Portal from the Past for the Future

Tim Ventura: Antigravity, The Future Unbound

John Major Jenkins and the Mayan studies on the 2012 galactic alignment

The Monroe Institute~dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness

A link, with many links, to all sorts of symbols

Super String Theory

Richard Hoagland:  Space exploration plus a physics lab

The Atomic Lab:  Experiments of Wave Interference

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Multilevel Planes of Infinity

Explaination of Orbs

A Course In Miracles

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, & the Healing Arts

Orb Journal

Kathleen Long~The Teaching

Fred Alan Wolf ~ Captain Quantum

Jacotte Chollet~Multidimensional Music

Tummo Reiki

Inner Voice~Revealing Awareness Through Music

Powers That Be

Centerpointe Research Institute~Holosync Audio Technology

Gary Zukav: The Journey to the Soul

OBE and Lucid Dreaming Forum

Nikola Tesla ~ His Scientific Research

Life Technology

Jelaila Starr and the Nibiruan Council

Dr. Jerry Epstein and The Kabbalah of Light

The Hollow Earth

Remote Viewing Practice and Training

Parallel Universes

Science, Technology, Physics, & Space News

Alex Grey - Check out the amazing art of this inspiring and inspired visionary spiritual artist.

Ambient Music for Ambient Moods - Music designed to Open the Emotions of each individual Chakra

Aromatherapy Newsletter - Learn about high quality essential oils & what they can do to enhance your health & immune system. 

Beyond the Rainbow: Resources for Well-being/Gifts with Spirit - Over 300 articles about vibrational well-being and spiritual growth, email courses, two free email newsletters, and a large collection of crystals, essences, fountains, jewelry, statuary, and more.

Bio-Energy System Services - Your place for healing and health. Distant Energy Healing and Energy
Assessment. How-to-do books and articles on bio-energy and chakra healing by Michael and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.

College of Psychic Studies - Great source for resources. Lectures, courses, special events, private consultations and healing clinics.

Easy Tai Chi - Tai Chi for Busy People. Videos and personal and workplace seminars available.

ehealingtree - Your alternative and complementary medicine website. Outstanding authors and practitioners share there experiences on their specialties to help direct you in your search for better health.

Energetic Arts - Information and training in Reiki, the EMF Balancing Technique, Tachyon Energy, and more. Also contains a comprehensive directory of spiritual, metaphysical, alternative healthcare and pagan related sites.

Energy Medicine: Hands-on Healing of the Human Energy Field - Overview of the theory and practice of healing by laying-on hands and directing healing intentions. Reviews several modern healing techniques, and traditional techniques from around the world.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music - Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Free Positive Thought - Click Here For Your Free Daily Positive Thought

Global Soul Search Directory - The self-help website where you can start your journey towards personal growth!

Global Vision International - Videos on a wide variety of alternative subjects - Healing, UFO, etc.

Healer's Chat Page and Message Board - Places to meet, and share ideas.

Healerskolen - Healing School in Denmark with free Self-Healing page (in google hit translate with this to translate in English).

Healing Music and more - is dedicated to finding the most beneficial healing music and products and giving them to you at the lowest prices. Visit us to browse through accelerated learning products, healing music, tools for meditation and other products for your Mind, Body & Soul.

Healing Rays - Reiki, Seichem etc. Free distance healing, book reviews, other resources.

Holistic Junction -- Your Pathway to Discovery - A community of people interested in all things holistic. Here, you may find what you need; share what you know; discuss what you're not sure about. Create your own web site, participate in online forums (over 80 categories), advertise your practice/business, peruse the Business Directory, publish your original articles, opinions, artwork, and so much more.

Huna Kupua - Shamanism from Ancient Hawaii. Dedicated to the study and practice of Huna, an ancient Polynesian teaching of knowledge, healing, and power. A large selection of books, audio tapes and other home study materials are available.

InnerPeace - This is an interfaith self-help software program you can use or download for free.

Inspiration2Go - Motivation articles, e-books, newsletter and personal counseling to empower and motivate you to create an abundance of joy, freedom and inspiration in your daily life.

klienwachter - Spiritual site for New Age/New Thought Wisdom, spiritualality, natural health, enlightenment, healing, metaphysical, esoteric study. Inspired by cayce, holmes, seth, walsch, zukav, teachings. Guest writers and original works by author, Roy E. Klienwachter. Ebooks, E-store & courses available. Free Downloads.

The International Association of Colour -  An independent, non profit organization in Cambridge (England) promoting Color in Healing.

The International Journal of Healing and Caring - Online journal filled with outstanding articles by healing professionals. - All about Kirlian Photography - Information, Cameras, and more.

Let There Be Light - Information relative to unfolding inner consciousness.  

Meditation HQ - categorized resource directory for everything about meditation.

Mind Body Reiki - Traditional Usui Reiki Healing information, using Reiki energy to improve your health and lifestyle and that of those around you. Plus FREE distant healings, and online reiki training courses.

Pat Clemence - Music pages for healing, massage, relaxation and Tai Chi 

Permanent Allergy Elimination - Desc: NAET is a technique based on biomagnetic energy which eliminates all types of allergy and related disease, NERT is emotional release technique and Iso-Pathic remedy balances body and mind. - Find yourself and discover inner freedom. Self-improvement, psychology, spirituality.

Point of - a journey to enlighten your mind, body, soul, wealth, and happiness.

Psyche's Garden Crystal Specialists. - Over 400 Types of Rare Crystals and Gemstones, Spiritual Books and Music, Aromatherapy and Incense, Tarot Cards and Divination, Spiritual Gifts and Jewellery, Crystal Healing and Reiki, Yoga and Tai Chi, Buddhism and Spiritual Yoga, Wicca and Witchcraft, Shamanism and Magic.

Radiant Vibrations - Spiritual and Sound Healing, Divining, Art, Poetry & Songs, Environment

Reiki Healing Path - Discover the healing energy of Reiki with a free distant reiki treatments. Distant Healing courses in Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki and Lavender Flame Initiation. Free Angelic Light Initiation with all Reiki Healing Path Courses. Send a healing e-card or read a monthly energy report.

Roop Verma - A superlative musician (sitar) and Master of Nada Yoga.

Sakthi Foundation - Free healing web site - Pancha Bhoota healing with five elements of nature.

School of Energy Mastery - Sufi/Islamic Spiritual / Medical / Energy approach to healing

Shrine of Hope - A place to come for spiritual renewal. Beautiful inspirational site. 

Soul City - An on-line spiritual retreat community. This entire site and its web pages are based on the philosophy of the soul. 

Spiritual Holistic Healing Center - Spiritual Holistic Healing Center, Heaven On Earth, provides healing for everybody that wants to heal themselves with or without our help.

Spiritual Light Journey - Spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars, and informational ezine relating to spirituality, self-help, new thought, and metaphysics. - We provide a private and confidential journey for the beginner on the Spiritual Path, offering unbiased information and beginners products to aid you on your journey.

Spiritual Response Therapy - Free Your Soul To Free Your Mind

Tantra Magic - The ON LINE source for all your sensual essentials: Videos, books, manuals, cassettes, articles, music, tools, accessories, free gifts and more. - A Spirituality Web Directory.

The International Holistic Therapies Directories are the largest natural health and healing directory of practitioners and therapists on the internet with more than 6,500 entries representing 106 different countries.

The Metaphysical Portal - Gateway to Atlantis, Crystal Healing, the Pyramids, E-courses - vast resources!

Unio Mystica Healing Center - Metaphysical Healing, Non-physical Healers & Advanced Spiritual Technologies are used to reclaim your birthright of perfect health, vitality and wholeness. This safe, effective alternative to conventional therapies really works.

Vedic Astrology - Free Vedic Horoscope, and extensive spiritual resources. - Creative Living supports you through books, articles, lifecoaching and distance courses on Selfgrowth to live a self-empowered, healthy, meaningful and fulfilled life.

WE International - Walk-Ins for Evolution - Connecting Walk-Ins around the world.

Webspirit New Age Resources - New Age Spiritual and Personal Growth Resource. EBooks for free download and purchase. Topics include Personal Transformation, How To, Alternative and Natural Healing, Contemplation and Inspiration, Internet Marketing, EBooks, Music and more great titles added all the time.

Web Weavings - Focuses on healing the individual as a whole and explores many paths to healing, wholeness, and enlightenment.

Wholistic Healing Research - Research in spiritual awareness and healing, extensive experiment citations, books, articles, links, lectures and workshops. Moderator: Daniel J. Benor, MD .

World Light Center - {Over 200 Articles, Spiritual/Healing Resources, Books, Seth, Order of Melchizedek, Over 3000 Links to Web Sites, Healers & Light Workers}

World of Alternatives - A super resource site for searching any kind of alternatives.

Years to your Health - fresh, high quality Herbs, Vitamins, Essential Oils, Extracts, and Teas in the Dallas, Fort Worth (DFW) area for over 17 years.

More Links Coming Soon!















Song of the Princess









Meet Nenari Diamondlady




















Nenari's Music &Wisdom Videos


One Billion Rising




Connect With Nenari "Diamondlady"































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