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Meditation is the gateway to the soul. It provides the illuminated path of shifting from The Ego Self of the Soul into Spiritual Oneness. It is the key to unlocking The Ego Self of the Soul, shifting the energy of The Ego Self of the Soul BEing One with our soul thereby bring Spiritual Oneness within us, within our soul. It is within meditation that we shift vibrationally to connect with Spirit. Meditation assists us with our spiritual journey to realize our Life's Purpose within this Life Experience.  Benefits of meditation, though free from BEing sought in meditation, are indeed derived from meditation praxis. Some of them include BEing focused, centered, and grounded ~ especially amidst the appearance of the illusion called distractions, Soul balance and harmony, a deep genuine feeling of calm and relaxation, a continuous state of Absoulute Love and Well~BEing, a remembering of our connection with All, of All, for All, and in All That Is, and an awareness of the One Infinite Moment.

Meditation is the key to continuously sustaining an inner peace and calm within. Moment to Moment meditation enables us to remain connected to the Infinite Love, Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Understanding, Infinite Connection with All, Infinite Light, even when the perceived craziness of LIFE and of circumstances in LIFE that may occur.

Meditation is simple the act of going within, shifting the energy, and BEing within. Free from placing any thoughtenergy on the illusion of linear time or space. Free from the perceptions of what we call here on this earth dimension as rules, regulations, or judgments. It is simply BEing with What Is in the present moment and recycling or shifting the energy, our thoughtenergy to reflect that. 

Meditation is the tool we utilize to be centered and focused in our LIFE. To enable us to feel the natural joy, peace, Absoulute Love, and balance flow. Thus, when the perceived storms or hurricanes of LIFE come our way, we will be an observer to the chaos, rather than a participant in it. We are the center of calm and serenity within the eye of the storm. What a marvelous shift from the perception of somehow being separate from LIFE, from everything, and every soul within it! We are free from the perceived need to wear the victim or martyred robes that we were once in axiom with when in a meditative state. When are grounded and centered in the physical body and within the soul in each moment within the One Infinite Moment, we simply watch the illusionary storm of the Ego Self of the Soul’s e~motions such as pain or anger, pass through us as it is free from staying in or with us when in a meditative resonance.

We may discover that those souls who are seemingly illusionally stuck in the paradigm we once were, will ask us for a helping hand. This will be our opportunity to help all souls to shift the axioms of they believe they are into Spiritual Oneness as well. At that moment, we are the presenter or the present er or gifter of this gift, as well as, the receiver of one of the greatest gifts on this earth dimension and of the Celestial Cosmos...the gift of Absoulute Love. As this gift of Absoulute Love and Compassion pours from within us, we will be spreading the healing seeds of the soul onto and into this earth dimensions and out into the Universal Cosmos to illuminate all souls. The beautiful buds and fruits of this gift will then blossom all around us and the shifting of energy will occur through the Universal Cosmos. We will notice the energy shift in us and our consciousness and in this earth dimension around us as we will to take on an enlightened state of wonderous, awe~inspiring LIFE.


Earth Dimension Duality Ways of Meditation


Spirit shares that in earth dimensional meditation, we are asked to be in axiom with a duality form of meditation. This form of meditation says that there is some sort of steps we are to do, a certain state we are to reach, and a certain way we are to be. Earth Dimensional meditation techniques include repetition of an affirmation such as chanting a mantra, or perhaps following our breath, gazing into a candle flame, listening to another souls guided words to us etc.  These are done for the sole purpose of training the physical body brain to remain in the present moment and to allow our spirit, our soul to be then guided into BEing free from the physical body brain BEing at the forefront.  These techniques use a fixed experience outside the physical body to center and attempt to still, quiet, turn off, or somehow push aside the physical body brain and its programs that it runs.

Spirit explains that it is like that of a computer. That the physical body is like a computer and that this computer machine continues to run until just like that computer, we choose to run another program within it. The computer or the physical body machine is free from knowing anything other until we show it another way of perceiving LIFE. What The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing reveals with the traditional form of meditation is we are attempting still the physical body brain, something of which is free from being stilled. They bring forth the wisdom that the physical body and the brain which is included within the physical body, is a machine, and that it is programmed to continue to run until we shut it down by sleep. Even during sleep, the physical body maintains an existence so as to keep the heart beating, the breath within it to sustain itself. Thus, we are free from ever stilling the physical body brain.

What in essence occurs within what we call here on this earth dimension as the traditional mediation form, is that we create a vicious cycle of attempting to still something that is free from being meant to still. Through continuous praxis within this way of BEing, what we call here on this earth dimension as results can and may be felt. However, Spirit says that usually when we meditate in this fashion, we tend to be what is known as distracted either by the machine of physical brain processing thoughtenergies such as “Oh I forgot to do the dishes from dinner” and “I have that report due tomorrow for the boss” and  “Oh what will I wear to work tomorrow? Let’s see maybe that blouse or this shirt, or maybe…….” When these distractions occur, we come into the illusion of The Ego Self of the Soul as “Oh this meditation stuff is for the birds” and we refrain from continuing to develop any form of praxis within meditation at all. Meditation then is seen as a dreaded ‘have to if I want to BE enlightened’ way of LIFE, of which we avoid.


Multi~Dimensional Meditation is All


The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing knows that there have been many what we call here on this earth dimension as Spiritual Masters and Mentors whom have brought forth this message of this form of meditation. We thank them for within them bringing this wisdom to us, as it has enabled us to now remember and treasure the spiritual wisdom of Multi~Dimensional Meditation as well.

There were moments for many earth dimension years that I would be within The Ego Self of the Soul with my former husband as he would spend (in this earth dimension concept known as time) hours just what I call ‘vegging’ in front of the television, even falling asleep with it on. Or he would spend what I called then as “too much time” on the computer playing computer games and such. I used to have huge Ego Fits about this.

It was when I received the channeled information through The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing that I came to shift the axiom that I had held for so long within The Ego Self of the Soul believing that I was somehow separate from my former husband. His computer playing and his television watching immediately placed me back into that little six year old girl who chose a choice to make a ‘decision’ to cut off her daddy because she believed her did not love her and that she was unworthy of Absoulute Love which I write of within The Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love. This illusion created yet another illusion that my former husband was doing this to somehow “be separate from me” to mean that I was separate from him, separate from LIFE, and unworthy of Absoulute Love.

The Soul Remembering that came forth once I remembered this was astounding to me. Spirit shared with me the wisdom that my former husband was merely meditating. That television watching and computer games were his form of meditation! WOW!!! It was as if someone had turned on the light inside my soul!! This revelation brought me back to my dad in realizing that what occurred when I was six was just an event that occurred simply for me to has this Soul Remembering that had just occurred with my former husband, that it was just that I chose to be forget and continue on with my Ego Fit inside about my dad and about my former husband in reaction to who they were choosing to BE.

In this moment of revelation, I chose to shift the axiom of the resonance that I chose to BE within choosing to be in that moment and chose to be enlightened, which brought about a way for me to be within the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Compassion and in Forgiveness of allowing my dad and my former husband to BE just as they are free from me having to change or fix them. That they are whole and complete just as they are and how much Absoulute Love and bliss I feel for them that they are BEing the light of who they are within this form of meditation. I was then able to for give, give thanks for each of them bringing forth the wisdom of this Soul Remembering to me and to Spirit for their wisdom as well.

When we choose to view meditation though Multi~Dimensional Spiritual Oneness, anything and everything we are and choose to BE, can BE a meditation. Walking to the bus stop, making dinner, washing your clothes, eating. Reading this book right in this moment is a meditation. These everyday earth dimensional experiences are meditative when we bring a Oneness of Infinite Possibilities and a fullness of our BEing into our experience.

How much consciousness and presence can we have while we are washing the dishes? What a present, what a gift, within this presence of washing the dishes! Spirit shares with us that in Multi~Dimensional meditation there are thoughtenergies that pass through the physical body brain, yet we are free from any electrical static clinging to them. We can allow the physical body brain to continue its machinery program, free from having to change or fix it, rather just simply allowing it to BE while we continue on with our meditation. It is by simply including and merging the physical body brain within the meditative process that gifts birth to Infinite Possibilities within mediation. It creates meditation as a FUN (Feeling Universal kNowledge), blissful, joyous, Absoulutely Loving process. Even cleaning, making dinner, washing and folding a load of laundry can be seen as FUN, blissful, and joyous, as we are ‘falling in love with’ these very things for the meditative process and spiritual inspiration, being In Spirit, that it gifts us with!

Feeling the warm water run across our hands, the sound of scrubbing the pan, the smell of the soap as we clean ~ the beauty, the awe, and the wonder of this earth dimension looking out the window while we clean ~ this too is meditation. Meditation is an effortless awakening of the soul through Universe Multi~Dimensional processes here on this earth dimension.  Anytime we are concentrating on something even while the thoughtenergy of the machine that is constantly running, we are meditating. We can meditate while walking or moving, lying down, standing and sitting; while silent or speaking. We are free from the “have to’s” of sitting in a certain meditative pose as we can BE whatever is most comfortable for us in each moment. We are free from having to “quiet” the physical body brain, or reach a certain state. We can simply allow the physical body, the brain within the physical body, and the Soul or Spirit, to co~create together harmoniously as One. Free from being separate entities to be controlled or pushed aside. Free from having to “do” anything, as meditation is always, in All Ways, with us and within us. Free to simply BE as One.

It is when we are in the continuous conscious awareness of What Is in the moment which gifts us with a fragrant feeling of Bliss!  All our attempts to strive, struggle, reach, and achieve as certain state of enlightenment now shift into a space of Spiritual Oneness within the meditative experience, within our soul, and within LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience) and we are BEing a playful witness of our Divine BEing. It is the simple experience of our very essence, our inner core that is so rich and full of LIFE!  This is what meditation is!



In earth dimensional meditation, on the physical body resonance, it is believed that one reaches a Delta Brain Wave State. There are what is believed to be four states of brain wave activity. It is well known that the brain is an electrochemical organ. It is through this electrical connection in the physical body that gifts us with our connection of the soul. Electrical activity emanating from the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves. When we reside within a Multi~Dimensional Meditative State, we are then able to see and resonate deep within our soul that what are known here in this earth dimension as these four states are really as One, and occur instantaneously, simultaneously within the physical body brain during Multi~Dimensional Meditation. They are free from being four separate and distinct states that one is to 'go through'. Rather they are the physical body and the physical body brains responses to Multi~Dimensional Meditation.

Multi~Dimensional Meditation brings an awareness of how our soul essence simply just IS. Over this earth dimensional’s concept of time, we are then BEing observers ~ able to just as in BEing the Observer to view ourselves in synchronicity of experiencing the Absoulute Love within and to observe our humanness, this machine from a perspective of the watcher or observing what event is occurring and our e~motions of this event, free from being wrapped up in the events and e~motions that are occurring. We gain the freedom to choose whether to act on our thoughtenergies and e~motions. We treasure the inner wisdom of BEing in the moment and of the e~motional dramas. All the wisdom, all the energy, and all of the ways of meditation is within us. Thus, we come to resonate with the wisdom from Spirit that our soul already knows that we simple have forgotten ~ that we are continually in the Praxis of meditation in every moment. It is within Multi~Dimensional Meditation then that we open the pathway of the soul to effortlessly glide into what are considered as earth dimensional forms of traditional meditation, as we are free from feeling that we somehow ‘supposed to’ meditation in a certain way, or reach, or achieve anything, as we already are BEing meditation in everything and anything. It is already there, and we are free from having to “do” anything, we can just BE.


Methods of Meditation and Shifting Vibrations


There are many methods of meditation and that of shifting our vibration in meditation. Meditations can come in the form of guided ~ where either by CD or DVD or cassette tape or someone reading a meditation, you are guided through visual imagery into a meditative state. If you are deeply at peace, deeply in Absoulute Love with LIFE, with your soul, and with all souls and all events within you life experience, then everything else will come to fruition effortlessly and easily. 

We have a series of guided mediations called The Lemurian Activation Meditation Series. This series that activates, aligns, illuminates, and brings forth into BEing the energy of Lemuria to this earth dimension within your soul. We offer meditations to help you to get in touch with and get to know your Spirit Guides, to Forgiveness Release, Experiencing the Chakras, DNA Activation, How to BE in the One Moment, Transferring Consciousness and more! Please visit Our Online Store for more details.

The transformation of humanity’s consciousness begins with YOU!


Some Other Guided Meditations I would invite you to consider that of the following:


    Anodea Judith's The Illuminating Chakras DVD, available at http://www.sacredcenters.com/video.html



      Paul Walsh Roberts Cellular Release Meditation




An Amazing man! I spent eight hours in his presence last year having a spiritual booth across from his at a local Spiritual Expo and I met him about 5 years ago and fell in love with his Shamanic healing through the power of musical sound healing! I am so honored to you dear friend and thank you for your beautiful healing gift of love to the universe and to all souls. Wonderful Meditation!






    Also available on CD, we also Recommend Doreen Virtue's Chakra Balancing which is available at

                          http://www.angeltherapy.com/bookstore.html down towards the bottom of the page.


Disclaimer: These web site links and these DVD's and CD's are listed as a convenience to you. By publishing these links. We respect your Divine Free Choice and we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these sites. As we are free from being Medical Doctors and therefore, we do not prescribe or diagnose. Nor do we receive any form of compensation or reward for listing these websites or these DVD's or CD's on our website. These are merely here as a guide for you on your Spiritual Life Journey.

Another way is to create your own meditation. This can be done from memory as a guided meditation, or by simply sitting and allowing the physical body on its own through the praxis of breathing to shift into Spiritual Oneness. Some people envision just a blank sheet of white paper to assist them.

Through meditation, and various other forms of shifting vibrations, such as breathing, thoughtenergy intentions, singing, laughing, drumming and infinitely others, which I describe in detail in the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book Here below is a short simple guided meditation that was gifted to be from Spirit during a channeling that you can use as well....



The Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness Meditation Copyright 2001 Dr. Nenari "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD

Get Comfortable Cosmic Home
Take off your Shoes


Peace can seem to be so far away, and inner bliss… even farther away. I would like to invite you to take a moment time now to spend some real quality time by going within. Find that sense of peace that lies within. Visit the place where inner bliss dwells and waits patiently for your return.

Let yourself unwind and compose yourself for a few precious moments of peace. Remember that your spiritual BEing is Infinite. The Soul, as consciousness, is what we call here as nonphysical, while the physical body brain is just the physical translator of our consciousness. Our spiritual BEing, therefore, always has the ability to tell the physical body brain ~ "I am shifting into Spiritual Oneness, Into the Soul Essence as it is meditation time"

Focus the physical body mind away from the clutter of day-to-day living and turn your attention and intention inwards to the peaceful core of your Inner Essence. Then think the thoughtenergy of the deepest possible state of consciousness. And what could that state be? It is the state of consciousness known as The Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness of Spiritual Oneness. The word Infinite reflects the idea of All That Is, the words Spiritual Oneness meaning that space of utter bliss and Absoulute Love, and the word Essence refers to a state of awareness, of being, rather than a doing activity. Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness of Spiritual Oneness is infinite consciousness free from a focus upon any specific activity. Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness of Spiritual Oneness is free from having to do anything, it already IS everything.

It is important to appreciate that the state of Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness is free from being "out there" somewhere external to us. It is within us always, in All Ways. Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness encompasses all consciousness, including all manifestation. We are that consciousness, as is everything else in existence. All we have to be is to access is in choosing to resonate in that space of Spiritual Oneness within the Infinite Essence of the Soul in each and every moment.

The Resonance Intention

In meditation practices, intentions are often used to focus the physical body mind. By simply repeating the words "I am," you intend or affirm your true nature as consciousness. In the case of the Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness meditation, we intend and place into action that of affirming our identity as the infinite consciousness. The statement of intention of "I am Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness, I am One with All" is the resonance of intention that we are choosing to BE in resonance with, as we FEEL it from deep within the Soul.

Find a quiet space to sit down for a few moments, close your eyes, and resonate with the quiet space within. To keep the physical body brain occupied with the task at hand of focus your attention and intention on the slow, even flow of your breath as it passes in and out of your nostrils. As you breathe each in-breath, repeat through your thoughtenergy the intention "I am Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness, I am One with All." On the out-breath, simply allow your attention and intention to follow the flow of air from your nostrils. To induce an immediate calming effect, allow each out-breath to take longer than each in-breath.

Life energy, also known as etheric energy, is perceived to be centered primarily within the physical body spinal column. This is where the 7 major
Chakras resonate from outward within a spiraling vortex. From there it is distributed to the rest of the body via the subtle nervous system. Most key functions in the human body owe their operation primarily to the supply of etheric life energy, the supply of electrical energy. This etheric energy electrical like energy, like consciousness, is non-physical and yet it is the vibrational resonance of all life. To help enhance the natural flow of life energy within the physical body of the spine while in this meditation it is preferable for the physical body to reside within a state that this comfortable to you to enhance the flow of life energy in a way that most feels resonate to you. As you continue with this meditation, the natural flow of life energy within your spine will become enhanced, bringing an enlivened awareness to your consciousness.

When what we know here on the earth plane as the illusionary thoughtenergy of distracting thoughts filtering through ~ treat them with patience and understanding. Recognize that they are there, and gently place each thoughtenergy that is other than the intention aside free from focusing on this thoughtenergy and remaining your focus on the thoughtenergy of   "I am Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness, I am One with All", so that you can continue with The Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness meditation. If a thoughtenergy seems important or urgent, then it can choose to be in another moment, however, in this moment you are within the meditative state of  "I am Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness, I am One with All". The phrase "I am Infinite Essence of Spiritual Oneness, I am One with All" is an intention of your oneness with the consciousness, with spirit, with the Universal Source from which all we emanate from.

There are a number of ways to enhance your meditation experience. One is to reserve a small space, such as the corner of a quiet room, where only meditation is. That space then is conducive to a meditation environment. A small table or surface can be covered with items that you connect with spiritual praxis. Candles and incense are especially useful as they provide some initial focus for the senses. Whatever you find brings you peace, calm, Absoulute love, and joy can be placed within this place.

Praxis within mediation is the key to BEing in the space of Spiritual Oneness Infinitely.





Vocal Vibrational Resonance ~ The Song of the Soul


Another form of meditation is called vocal vibrational resonance. Praxis of vocal vibrational resonance through chanting, toning, and singing brings a sense of Well~BEing, enlightenment, and reminds us of our connection to the Divine. This unification can open and nurture our creativity, assist in shifting the perception of the illusion called stress, and allow us to BE fully alert and engaged in the moment.

Some souls are naturally drawn to vocal vibrations while other souls feel awkward using their voices in such a way. Singing along with recorded chants or songs before chanting on our own can help dispel the illusion of any nervousness. The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing invites us to remember that we are free from having to have a specific quality to our vocal vibrations, as this resonates within The Ego Self of the Soul of who I believe that I am within The Ego Self of the Soul’s Axiom is how I sing. Rather Spirit invites us to see, to feel deep within our soul, to hear the sound vibration coming forth from the physical body that our soul resides in as coming from the beautiful, harmonious Spiritual Oneness of the Universal source of All That Is and is whole, perfect, and complete as it simply is. When we are resonating in Spiritual Oneness, our soul sings in whatever way it is meant to, free from earth dimensional duality of judgment or a specific way, just simply BEing as is, and as is is a beautiful, harmonious resonance.

Vibrational toning, just as any of the vocal vibrational resonances can be utilized any moment, anywhere and in any which way you feel comfortable, whether it be in the shower or standing on the grass or anything infinitely in between.  Some souls use the OM and AH sounds. The type of vibrational toning we use in our spiritual center, however, is one that utilizes the famous song from the "Sound of Music" DO (DOE) ~ REY ~ ME. This is what the Do (DOE) ~ REY ~ ME resonance tonings can possibly mean.

DO (DOE) ~ Root/Base Chakra this is the cleansing breath of Oneness. Clearing the path for your journey

REY ~ Naval/Sacral Chakra the ray of light that shines within

ME ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ("Me" the name I call myself to refer to the physical body connection to the soul) this your soul, this is who you are as a BEing of Love and Light

FA ~ Heart Chakra as in fa ah falling in love with all of life         

SO ~ Throat Chakra as this is SO Spiritually One, Spiritual Oneness

LA ~ Soul Eye/Third Eye Chakra Love Absoulute, love that is soulful in its 

TI ~ Diadem/Crown Chakra as in the Ah Ti, the All That Is

DO (DOE) ~ The Divine/All That Is/Infinite Spiritual Oneness (This tone is sung in a high pitched vibrato) bringing our being full circle as we begin anew within our ever transformingness of being

OM ~ the One Moment, giving birth to the One Moment, the Orgasmic Moment of Love, the Orgasmic Moment of Life.

We can also use this earth dimension’s traditional way of BEing in vocal vibrational resonance of chanting using the Ohm, moving up or down, or beginning in the middle, in whichever way of BEing  in resonance that we choose to go full circle around the chordal scale. We can also use the chanting of a mantra such as 'I am All That Is, I am Love' or other such chants or mantras. Even humming can be a form of chanting. Our middle son Matthew really enjoys this form of vocal vibrational resonance as he discovers it soothing and creates Absoulute Love, Joy, Peace, and Bliss within him when he hums. All forms of vocalization place us within Spiritual Oneness resonance, oxygenating the physical body, deepening breathing, relaxing the muscles, and reminds us of our continuous energy flow and connection to, with, and through The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is. When performed by a voice rich in timbre, toning will massage and tune the entire physical body in vocal vibrational resonance and bring Oneness Resonance from the Soul through to the physical body melding all into One.

Possible Chants may be:

Ah        As in Ah Ti ~ All That Is 

OM      As in the One Moment or the One Infinite Moment

Oh       As in Oh! The joy of LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience)

Ohm    As in Oh! My LIFE is wonderous and Awe-Inspiring in every moment

One     As in One ~ Spiritual Oneness with all, of all, for all, and in all

However, the vocal vibrational resonance that resonates most deeply and beneficially for us is the one we create for ourselves. There are infinite ways to utilize vocal vibrational resonance. They can be composed of names, words, sounds, syllables, a song from the radio we sing, a song we create, or even sections of text. What we sing or how we sing in vibrational resonance is within the intention and choice of shifting into Spiritual Oneness that gifts us with its infinite presence (presents).

Chanting, toning, singing, drumming, (which I love as I go to a monthly drumming circle here in town and we also occasionally have our own here in our center) and/or any form of sound vibration can shift our vibrations creating joy in the heart, peace within the soul, and can also produce within the physical body what is known on this earth dimension as natural painkillers within the physical body brain. These forms of sound vibration can liberate and ground us simultaneously instantaneously because it allows our soul to soar freely while calling us to focus be on and in the moment.  This is an immediate way to place into Spiritual Oneness harmony All That Is to provide peace, calm, serenity, and a way to remember our connection to the Divine. This is also useful to us in enlightening our spiritual gifts, which illuminate a clear channel for our spiritual guidance and to assist all souls with spiritual guidance as well.


Yet Other of the Infinite Forms of Shifting Spiritual Vibrations


Here are some other inspirit inspirations that came to me from The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing as other forms of meditation in recycling or shifting vibrations into Spiritual Oneness: 

Peel an orange or a lemon. Notice the smell. Take a bite. Focus on the taste

Pet your cat, dog rabbit, hamster, or other pet

Spritz yourself with perfume, cologne, essential oils, or other favorite scent. Delight in the aromatic essences of the scents around you in these scents and within the infinite scents of LIFE. I discover that when my sense of physical and spiritual of smell is heightened it is from me either empathically tuning into another soul, receiving a message from Spirit, or an invitation from Spirit to as we say here “Stop and smell the roses” in LIFE

Eat ice cream! Or any favorite food. Pay attention to the taste, the texture, the smell, the feeling sensations as it floats through the throat and into the stomach

Hold a stuffed animal. Pay attention to the feel of it, listen to what it is saying to you in its energetic vibrational resonance

Call or email a friend, a family member, or a mentor 

Go for a walk ~ Feel the sunshine (or rain, or snow!)

Enjoy the cloud formations in the sky, see what symbols are within the clouds for you and what these symbols mean in messages to you as a gift from Spirit

Dig in the dirt in your garden, feel the flowers, the leaves, the stems

Turn lights on (and off!) Imagine what the electromagnetic current flowing through the wires and the switch into the physical body hand feels like

Hug a tree!

Touch things around you. Notice their sensations 

Light a scented candle or incense. Matthew loves to call incense as ‘smell sticks’ that he can BE sensed into in~sense.

 Watch a movie

 Play a favorite video, computer, or board game

Draw, sketch, or paint a picture; Use a paint brush, use the hands, use a sponge, use a straw! One of the things I loved to do with the children and even our children when they were small and I was teaching was straw painting. It is where you take some paint and place it onto a paper, dip a straw in it getting a bunch of paint of the tip of the straw and then blow it onto another piece of paper. What fun! And a great meditation too! Another painting you can use is marble painting, where you take a shallow box and place a piece of paper in the bottom, take a small tray place paint in it and then place your marble in that paint and roll it around getting paint on it. Pick it up and plop it into the shallow box and roll it around in all various ways and Viola! Even if you are free from being an artist, you can experiment and have FUN with paints, pencils, markers, charcoal, anything.  Matthew does this with charcoal that he recycles from fires we have in our fireplace and also from the long stick matches he uses to light our candles to create charcoal spirit drawings as he calls them. We are free from ‘needing to’ be perfect at it, just have FUN with it!

Bead a necklace 

Crochet, Latch hook, or knitting

Play with silly string

Play with clay, modeling clay, or paper mache

Bake cookies or muffins or anything! As you are making the dough, delight in eating it! Lick the bowl when you have made a cake. Our boys love to do this, and lick the mixing tools too!

Laugh so hard your face hurts

Laugh at yourself

Laugh free from there being any reason at all

Taking a hot shower or a bubble bath

Go for a drive on a pretty road (My father was great at doing this with us as children. He would say to us, “Get your shoes on everyone and let’s go for a drive!” and we would drive anywhere, just letting the car and the road feel where we wished to go! Let your Spirit Guide you!)

 Lay in bed listening to the rain outside

 Have a chocolate milkshake…. (or vanilla or strawberry or whatever flavor you choose!)

If you live near or can drive to the ocean and take a walk along the beach; feel the sand between your toes, the wind in your hair, see the sky as it meets the sea two BEing as One, the smell of the crystalline salt water, and the sound of the waves as the water meets the sand and is One with the sand in a dance of pure bliss 

Go to the park and swing on the swings; my former husband and I did this on our third date after going out for dinner! We had so much FUN, even in running out of the sprinklers when they turned on while we were swinging on the swings! And speaking of sprinklers…..

 Run through the sprinklers as a meditation!

Watch the sunrise, or the sunset.


Any way of BEing that you choose to experience can be a meditation. The inspirations within this Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter) are ideas that were gifted to me by Spirit that got a hold of me and lead me where I was meant to be, which was to write this treasure gift to you who are in this moment reading it. Spirit says that whatever way in which we are inspired to be that focuses us and reminds us of our connection to Spirit, to The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is that we are and emanate from is the BEing In Spirit, or within inspiration in that moment that gets a hold of us and takes us where we are meant to go and who we were meant to be within the One Infinite Moment.

It is within realizing this that we come to know that all of these infinite ways of shifting vibrations and meditations are always, In All Ways within us and with us, to where we experience the inner wisdom that we are always, In All Ways, meditating in every moment within the One Infinite Moment. We then see these Infinite Possibilities for each moment in meditation that we are and simply choose one. Free from having the e~motion of ‘have to’s’ or ‘musts’, free from seeing meditation as ‘something we do’, rather simply because we choose to in each moment consciously in whichever form that this meditation unfolds in to BE meditation, to BE meditated by our Infinite Divine Spirit. And in choosing consciously in each moment whichever form of meditation we choose, we experience the inner wisdom that we are meditation and meditation is us, as we are One.



 Infinite Universal Copyright Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness, Diamondlady.net, Dr. Nenari "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD

Please feel free to share this wisdom as you so choose, as this wisdom is available for all to treasure for the Soul Rememberings they are