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  SoulSong Mentorship Programme


The SoulSongMentorship Programme is an ongoing set of sessions designed to transform your life and to assist you into Stepping Into the Soul of whom you are. Channeling Spirit through me twogether, two BEing as One, I assist all souls whom come to me asking for a mentor, co~creating soul to soul with you as I do with souls from all over the world, all souls regardless of earth dimensional age with amazing results and I am excited to assist you within a series of mentoring sessions...

Together we begin this most exciting journey of all. The journey into Stepping Into the Soul of who you are! Together we will transcend energetic patterns and beliefs that seem to gift the illusion of "holding you back" to create, live, and BE the LIFE (Living Infinitely From Existence and Living Infinitely From Experience these two BEing as One) you desire. This will  be a co~creation in which I will channel the wisdom through and in which you consciously choose to transform your life.

Together, we take a holistic, integral approach encompassing the transformation of physical body, the temple of which your soul resides within and of your Spirit. Together We will address the important questions for you exploring and utilizing the wisdom and guidance that is within you, moving beyond the self-imposed limitations, unleashing your creative potential, innate wisdom, inner serenity, and deepest passion, creating the vision of the life you desire and living and BEing your Soul's Purpose. Starting from where you are and your conscious choice in each moment to transform your life, we will guide you into Stepping Into and BEing your life's purpose.



The SoulSong Mentoring Programme can assist you to:


-- get unstuck by breaking through the illusions we call as blocks and limitations; seeing these for the illusions that they are and transforming them into Oneness.

-- empowering you to connect with, trust in, and follow your souls guidance free from the illusions of limiting beliefs

-- develop your inner voice of the soul of who they are and brings your spiritual gifts of Infinite Healing, AbSOULute Love or Soulful Love, Light, Peace, and Bliss into your life

-- improve (and create) relationships;

-- attract souls and situations into your life that reflect your soul’s life purpose and the soul of who you are;

-- create infinite abundance always, in all ways and in all areas of your life;

-- expand your awareness;

-- discover your unique spiritual gifts, your soul’s life purpose and begin to share it with the world.

-- practical spiritual tools such as how to communicate with Spirit, your Spirit Guides, how to meditate, physical/spiritual healing of the body and soul and how to use and see energy.


The SoulSong Mentoring Programme is a way of BEing in life to be free from being taken lightly. I offer this to souls whom are serious about transforming their lives and stepping into BEing whom they are meant to BE. It is our intent that you be completely committed and actively engaged within this process. Our intention is for all souls whom come into this program to completely enlighten and to collectively serve to assist in illuminating the consciousness of this earth dimension into what we call as heaven on earth. Thus  as Spirit has guided me I choose souls who are seriously interested and are willing to transform their lives and whom have a burning desire and passion to Step Into the soul of whom they are. 

Mentoring Sessions can last as long in length of earth time as you so choose, most souls mentoring with me do so for at least 1 year's earth time. Sessions are done over the telephone or Skype phone, recorded session, or in person (if local).

Sessions may be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, usually ranging between 30 minutes to an one and a half hour in length. There are other options available as well.


If you wish to participate in the SoulSong Mentoring Programme, I invite you to please email me directly here at and let me know why it is you feel that you desire to be in the Mentorship Programme and for me to be your mentor (there is free from being any “right or wrong” answer to this just share with me what is in your heart that calls you to the program) and upon review we can schedule your sessions.


Spiritual Intuitive Counseling

What is Spiritual Intuitive Counseling?

Spiritual Intuitive Counseling is about assisting you to view the infinite possibilities available to you within your Life Experience and to provide the clear path of vision within these infinite possibilities available to you. It is utilizing the messages gifted to us by Spirit within an intuitive, creative approach and is designed to help you turn life's seeming challenges, into spiritual Soul Rememberings that shift and transform your LIFE (Living Infinitely From Existence and Living Infinitely From Experience, two BEing as One). It is a viewing of LIFE out of the box, shifting and transforming our perceptions to create what we desire for our Life Experience here within playing this game called LIFE on this earth dimension. In addition to this, Spiritual Intuitive Counseling is about helping you to tune into your spiritual guidance within, so that you may begin to see the answers as already and always, All Ways Ready and In All Ways, with you and within you; Thus being your a spiritual guide, mentor, and medium from within.

As a Spiritual Counseling and Healing Ordained Minister, I provide Spiritual Intuitive Counseling on a soulful resonance. Each session is intended to gift you the gift of healing for the physical body and soul or spirit, two BEing as One. A spiritual advising session with me through Spirit's guidance, will guide you to that One Step Into the Spiritual Oneness Soul BEing that you ARE ~ A Revolving Experience of; Hence you embrace LIFE fully, free from the illusions, axioms, and e~motions of The Ego Self of the Soul, and remember and treasure your connection to the Gift Of Divinity within you.


















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The greatest gift you can give to me and to all is to remember who you are, BE who you are, and assist others to BE the same. That is the most beautiful gift of love you can honour me with. My life is lived in the inspired passion of creating through music, prose, & words of wisdom, then to give such creations to all. The purpose of which is to touch lives in beautiful ways and to help them to R.E.S.T. or to Remember,Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure the Love and Light you are and we all are. These channelings and use of my gifts represent a life dedicated to expressing thoughts, images, & feelings that connect us all as we are all One. Such gifts are freely given. If you desire to in turn bring gift of gratitude for such a gift bestowed upon you, I will be humbly honoured and grateful for your having touched my life in return. If you so choose, you can provide a love offering in exchange



Infinite Universal Copyright Nenari Princess of the Sea,

Please feel free to share this wisdom as you so choose, as this wisdom is available for all to treasure for the Soul Rememberings that they are