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The Power of Love, The Power of the OM, the One Moment Channel Series



This series, The Power of Love, The Power of the OM, the One Moment Channel Series, is a series of channelings from the Master Artist we know as Spirit/God/Source Energy as it has poured through my hands. They are listed below. Enjoy their gifts and may your heart be guided by Love, and may your songs echo this same heart.

Namaste ~

Nenari, Princess of the Sea



Choose Love in Each Moment

   Take a deep breath for a moment and simply go within and listen to the still voice inside you of your heart and it will lead you where you are meant to go and what you are meant to do it will guide you to whom you are meant to be in the moment. for BEing in the moment, BEing in the OM the One Moment is all there is, and within that OM that One Moment all that is is Love. Be guided by love in each moment, choose love in each moment.

   Dearest one, your heart always knows the answers, ego consciousness will panic and run in fear and deny. The heart will genuinely give you the answers in love and always from an inner Ah ha inner knowing inner feeling that is of love, always. You will know and you will understand when your heart speaks to you because it comes from Love. Ego will speak to you in callousness, in fear, and be demanding in its tone. Love speaks in Love always, Love speaks in a gentle inner knowing inner peace inner love.

   How do we know and understand it is love? Take a moment to remember the moment you totally and completely fell in love, whether you fell in love with a flower, a food you desire to eat or another human soul, simply take a moment and remember deeply how you feel being in love. THIS is how you will know that it is the Master Artist speaking to you and through you in such messages, anything else other than this is just illusionary ego consciousness and free from being guidance. An open heart to love is what the planet needs more so than any callousness. Love is what the planet needs now more than ever.

   Choose love in each moment. Be free from ever leaving a moment go by without sharing how you feel about another romantically and in all relationships, for life is too short to let such moments of love pass by. Take each moment you can to be physically with the one you love, hold them, embrace them, love them fully for this is why we are here is to experience such love. Deep down all that we all desire is to be loved and to love another fully and completely in the moment.

   The best way to shift through a fear is to feel the fear and take action anyway.  To shift a fear is to turn it into love and gratitude for those you love in each moment. You never know what can happen in the next moment, so BE in the OM, the One Moment and tell that someone you love that you love them. That that leap of faith as it is so worth it, for love is ALWAYS worth it, for love is who we are. Take every moment you can to say I love you to those you love even in the face of such fear, romantic love and in all love relationships. For love is far greater than any fear we have. Live for each second without hesitation and be free from ever forgetting those who love you and whom you love. Shower them with love and gratitude in each moment and hold the ones you love dear to your heart.

   For being alone simply means being All One and we are free from ever being alone for we are always, in all ways with the ones we love. For the love you give will be the love you receive in return as the universe is an infinite circle of giving and receiving. It begins with what you give into the world. Be love in all ways romantically and in all loves for this is why we are here, to forget one love or another is to be free from experiencing fully All That Is. The Master Artist we call Spirit has given all for all loves to be. Give the real love and gratitude from your heart, from your soul and watch it blossom. All of the other stuff that is here in life is just illusion, they are just things and experiences to be experienced in our lives here. What really matters, at the end of the day, all that matters is the love that is given.

~ As given through Sprit in the hands of Nenari, Princess of the Sea 12 April 2009




Love Is Freedom

   Have you ever held on to something so tightly with your hand that when you let go your fingers were stiff and sore? But you open your hand fully and flex your fingers and the pain is gone. That is what it is like when you let go of the world. At first it seems painful but the more you open up the greater the relief.

   Love equals freedom. When we release and let go and allow another to simply BE who they are this is loving another into freedom. There is an ego consciousness belief within us that says we are unable to love another in singular relationship and still be who we are and still be the mission and life purpose we have come here to be. This belief is an illusion for in Love, in true love, love is free. Love is able to do the impossible for Love turns the impossible into I AM Possible. And in that I AM Possible we can do and BE both, we can do and BE the mission, the purpose we came here to this earth for AND love another fully and completely in singular relationship.

   How is this possible you might ask? The Answer is Love once more. Love is all inclusive, Love includes all and excludes none. Ego consciousness has us exclude one or the other. The Master Artist we call as God/Spirit/Source in giving all for all loves and All That Is to BE to BE in experience gives us the infinite possibilities to create and in that we can have both singular love relationships and our purpose. In fact it is often through our singular love relationships that gives us the inspiration both individually and together to BE our mission and life purpose. And often times you end up with a common mission that you do and BE together in that singular love relationship and individually.

   Remember that Love is the key to manifesting all we desire. Anything we perceive as imperfections simply is I AM Perfection. For you are whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful in each moment and so am I and in that we are here to simply share our completeness with another in singular love relationship and in all our relationships. Let go into the river of Love and in that we can have our mission and also be in love. Love is freedom, Love is inclusive. Love another into freedom in this moment always. All we have is this moment.......

~ As given through Sprit in the hands of Nenari, Princess of the Sea  17 April  2009




Love’s Flow ~ Moving pass fear and into the flow of Love

   When we clear ego consciousness fears and beliefs that no longer serve our soul it "un-freezes" all aspects of our lives and takes us back into flow. When we grab onto the energy of intensity, several things can happen. The most usual is that we are spun and flung and purged and morphed all anyhow until we are newly configured. This tends to invoke the 'antidote of fear'.

   Fear keeps us stuck. Fear keeps us contained. Fear keeps us safe within its walls of egoic certainty. The flow of Love does none of these things. Embodying the flow is to move within it, from a place of inner stillness where there can appear to be no motion, as all friction has ceased to be. It is a place of 'no drama', 'no stress' and 'no boulders to push uphill'. This place can feel foreign, lifeless rather than limitless and often a little boring, to those old programs that still want to be in the drivers' seat and desire to control circumstance and people. And so, we invoke the fear.

   Fear is the heart and soul killer..... fear is the little death that brings total annihilation.....Love is what brings us inspiration and gives us life.....Stop trying to control circumstances and people for you are unable to, it is Love that will shift and change everything.....I will face my fear. I will turn the inner eye upon its path. And when it has passed I will remain. I will face my fear and see it is there and in Love I will take action anyway. And so it is.

   Watch the fear, observe its hold on your inner and outer circumstances. You will see fear is ruling in your life when things begin to stagnate or fall apart completely. When we are in love, in the flow of Love things flow and happen effortlessly. If you have a mission, a message to get out to the world and it is free from coming to fruition, fear is the reason.  Allow the fear to be drawn into the flow of the grace in which Love flows. Love and fear cannot exist in the same vibrational space. It is a vibrational impossibility.

   Turn the inner eye upon your reactions to intensity. Turn your heart and intuition toward the places that you resist. Ask what will put you into the flow in this moment, in the absolutely right NOW... will it be Love? .......the universe likes movement and speed it is what has the ball start rolling and has fear be shifted into love and have your mission and message be given to the world......take that step into the flow and when all else fails, MOVE!!......

~ As given through Sprit in the hands of Nenari, Princess of the Sea  17 April 2009




Choosing in Love Relationships

   To understand singular love relationships is to understand that we are free from "having to" choose. For "have to's", "musts", "should's", "got to's" and so on are of ego consciousness. In Love in true love, there is choice. Love is infinite and is free, free to choose. We are free from having to choose one soul over another to be with. We can BE with more than one soul loving them. Singular relationship simply means that in the moment that we are with that person, that soul that we choose to BE with them in the moment. That moment in earthly time can last a moment, a day, a month, a year or a lifetime. When we are in singular love relationship we simply are loving the one we are with in that moment singularly.

   We can still have deep loving connections with many souls at the same time, and in singular love relationship we choose to be One with the OneSoul that calls to our heart and to our soul. Just because we are in a singular love relationship is free from meaning that we are unable to be with others, it means simply that there is OneSoul that calls to our heart, that our heart calls to and we simply choose in that moment to BE with that soul. Our hearts are as One, our souls are as One in singular love relationship. We desire them as they desire us, fully and completely in the moment. Love is desire not from a longing for something we are free from having, it is a desire to SHARE love with another for to love and be loved is why we are here.

   Love is free from ever demanding that someone choose one over another. To demand that someone "has to" be with you is to reside within ego consciousness. love is freedom, allows us to be with whom we choose. It is you who chooses in each moment whom we desire to be with in each moment. The greatest gift of love we can give to another is to allow them to choose us in each moment, as we choose them. Thus another is BEing with us and us being with them simply because we choose and this is love. For I would never ask my beloved to choose me over anyone, I simply ask that my beloved be with me in the moment because my beloved chooses to rather than me choose for my beloved then it is my beloved who then chooses freely. Love gives the freedom for us to choose in each moment. When we choose to be with another, all we desire is for their happiness. When you get that its not all about you, that you desire for another more than you desire for you, THAT is God Consciousness.

   When we are within singular relationship we are simply two whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful souls choosing to share our completeness with one another. Ego consciousness runs away in fear and callousness, ego consciousness fleas and denies such love, ego consciousness says I don't want to see you or I don't want to talk to you. Love, love simply loves, Love desires to embrace each moment we can with our beloved, love responds by reaching out and making that call, by saying I love you.  Love genuinely cares for another and desires nothing more than their happiness.

   When we come from the heart and choose love each moment we ask What Would Love Do Now? and we choose to be with another in love simply because we choose to. It is ok to be within that singular love relationship for the Master Artist we call as Spirit/God/Source/Universal All That Is has given all for such love to be. It is a gift we are given by the Master Artist and to deny such a gift is to damn the very Master Artist and who are we to do such a damning. Be Love in each moment, embrace Love in all forms, to understand this written here is to understand what love truly is. To understand what is written here is to truly live and BE the Master Artist incarnate.

~ As given through Sprit in the hands of Nenari, Princess of the Sea 19 April 2009




To Understand the Heart of Another

   To understand the heart of another, to love another as the saying goes is that we know not a soul until we have walked a mile in their true are such words for we know not of another's heart truly until we take that moment to really feel what they experience what they experience........there are moments when this is easy for us because we may have lived through similar circumstances to what another is feeling or experiencing in any given moment........yet there are moments when maybe we have been free from such an experience in this those moments it helps us to take a moment and to just step into another’s moccasins and walk their path as if it is our walking in the shadow of their footsteps we can feel with compassion what it is to BE this person in the moment and to really feel what they feel, experience what they be compassionate is to simply allow another the freedom and space to BE whom they are without trying to change or fix them, to just understand........we may show them the gift of opening their heart to another possibility they have yet to experience and yet to understand the heart of another, to really love another is to allow them to free to BE who they are in each that, we give them the wings to fly.......

    There are moments when we are with the one we love and they may say, do, write or be a certain way that has us wonder, for they may write, say, do, or be a certain way with us that is free from being who they really are. It is in those moments when we are being asked by the Master Artist to be patient and loving........patient as they go through such shifts and to love our beloved through such moments, understanding that sometimes we are to go through such fires of being the opposite to come to the truth of something, to come to the love of something........and we can be grateful that another feels comfortable and safe enough to open their hearts to us in this way even if it is in a way that we know is not who they are, they feel safe enough and loved enough by us to do and be so. For if they were feeling other than safe and comfortable with us then they would not feel free to totally BE who they are in each moment with us. It is kind of like our children whom when they go to their grandparents be totally good and "proper" and yet at home they are what we might call obnoxious. Be joyous for such obnoxious moments as just as our children feel loved and safe and comfortable enough to be whomever they choose to be in our presence and it is ok because they know we will still love them anyway, remember too that the ones we love the most often are this way with us because they too feel and safe and comfortable enough to be whomever they choose to be in our presence and it is ok because they know we will still love them anyway. Love the ones you love through the storms of life being the the sturdy steady ship and the beacon of light that brings them home in each moment. They will thank you for it, for it is the greatest gift of love we can ever give another.

~ As given through Sprit in the hands of Nenari, Princess of the Sea 12 April 2009




Shifting Out of Your Comfort Zone

   How can we shift our souls out of the comfort zone? Through facing fears. The way to shift through a fear is to feel the fear and take action anyway. The fear is often of the fear itself rather than of the actual situation at the moment. We are often brought up in a harsh world where they have been taught many illusionary things called negative beliefs. Thus we as souls choose unconsciously to remain in our comfort zone because we believe it somehow is safe. Coming out of the comfort zone and stepping into who we really are means dealing with another illusion we call ‘the anxiety’ that goes with it. What we often forget to realize is that anxiety is actually a natural reaction to expansion. It is free from being a ‘bad’ thing, just simply a natural reaction. The anxiety is only perceived to be ‘dangerous’ if one allows it to swallow them up and take over, if one goes ‘down the rabbit hole’ of it.

   Again, the way to shift through a fear is to feel the fear and take action anyway. To expand past the comfort zone, one is to come to a place of acceptance that the anxiety is just a natural stage kind of a oh this is here and its ok and then shift through it by taking action in faith and Love even if the fear and anxiety are there. For fear and anxiety are illusions of ego consciousness. Fear is free from ever being where Love is present. Meditation, BEing centered within in continued faith will ease this anxiety to eventually you will see there was nothing to fear. We create conflict when we are scared to grow and change.   

   Why are souls scared to change? Because we often feel that we are unable to be strong enough to cope with greater responsibility of who we really are which is Love. We believe in illusions such as that we are low in self-esteem and self-love and therefore punish our souls because we feel we are unworthy. The universal truth is that we are scared to change because we believe we are unworthy of Love. We think, “Who am I to be magnificent?” and therefore we go backwards and sometimes even seek cowardly ways to gain a feeling of power. Having said this, who are you NOT to be magnificent? You are Love, you came from Love and you ARE Love, thus How can you be unworthy of that which you already and always are!  

~ As given through Sprit in the hands of Nenari, Princess of the Sea 23 April 2009




What Do You Desire?

   What is it that you desire? Wanting something keeps you wanting the very thing you want over and over again as if you believe you do not have it. Desire is the passion that guides us to what it is we are to create. When we hold back the river's flow, the flow of love, we tend to run and hide in fear from our light. Some say that this is being afraid of our greatness. Passion is the purpose of life and in that we are given by the Master Artist we know as Spirit/God/Source Energy a vision, a passion so deep within us that we are compelled to see it to its fruition. It is as if a source that appears to be beyond us is driving the process and yet all the same it is within us, for it IS us. This passion, this source compelling us comes from desire. And desire is an expression of love, deep love from within.

   The very word itself ‘desire’ has a sacredness about its essence. For the word De-Sire comes from the Latin meaning "of the Father," to mean that it is of Spirit/God/Source that our desire springs forth from and in that there is a sacred aspect to our desires. Desire is deep love expressed. Desire has us create what is already created for we already have it, as we are creation and we are meant to share that creation with the world, with the universe. For what you desire is already and always, always ready and in all ways, within you. You are just meant to remember its presence and then give it, share it as a present to the world, to the universe. Desire comes from the heart, comes from Love with a voracity that is so unparalleled that it simply IS. It IS as in Infinitely Spiritual, infinitely Love. Desire comes from the infinite wellspring of Divine Love that is within all of us, for Divine Love IS us. It IS US as in the acronym for IS US being Infinitely Spiritual Universal Source. To deny such passion, such desire, is to deny Love, and who are we to deny that of who we are which IS Love?

   So, what do you desire? What do you really desire? What is it that calls to you so strongly that you are free from denying it or hiding from it any longer? What calls you so passionately that fear is free from being a factor any longer, that love is. Love is the guiding source of the universe. For who are we to be free from BEing who we are called to be, whom we desire to be? BE inspired by the desire and passion within you to touch, move, and inspire the world and simply BE that in each moment, in whichever way the river flows to the Sea going where you are meant to be in Love. BE that of what you desire, BE that what calls you to be. Your heart understands what and who you are which is Love. BE guided by that Love in each moment and when the fear arises, see that its there, acknowledge its presence and see its presence for the PRESENT the gift that it is, which is simply for you to shift back into BEing what you desire, BEing passion, BEing Love. And in that you flow like that of the rain that is falling at this moment here, and just like us, this rain flows back to its source, back to the rivers, the streams, the Sea........I wrote a short poem a few months ago that I desire to share with you in alignment with this message this day.........

Rain drops


The dancing glistens of the night sky

I listen as the sky she cries

Each drop flows to the rivers, streams

And then to the Sea

Yet their journey only goes so far before returning to their source

once more

for this is very true.....

Just as our journeys will bring us only so far

and then we are compelled to return to source

and once we come to understand where that home is

it is as if there is a force beyond our own

guiding us back to that source

no more can you stop the rain from falling

nor the rivers flow into the Sea

the path of destiny once given

is to be

   So what do you desire? Look within, create it, BE it this moment and in each moment. Allow the passion of desire to be the flowing river in your life. You truly CAN have anything and everything that you dream of, because you already do have it. It is within you just waiting to be expressed. And it is expressed by each moment you BE it!

~ As given through Sprit in the hands of Nenari, Princess of the Sea 25 April 2009




More Channels to come Stay tuned!


 Infinite Universal Copyright Nenari, Princess of the Sea

Please feel free to share this wisdom as you so choose, as this wisdom is available for all to treasure for the Soul Rememberings they are