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Welcome Dearest friends For over 30 plus years I have been assisting souls, individuals and couples, to transform their lives to create measurable, meaningful, and lasting miracles and changes in their lives. The vehicle that drives this passion is a series of praxisís within the spiritual wisdom channeled through me from the Master Artist we call Spirit or  the Universal Source of All That Is with a focus on BEing the soul of who you are through Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness and OneSoul REALationships that provides this motivation, inspiration, and transformation. The approach has been refined and strengthened through experience and the amazing miracles that have occurred within my assisting thousands of individuals and couples worldwide.

I wake up every earth day, living and BEing in each moment, each OM or One Moment in love with the soul of who I am, with whom I am BEing, and within what gifts I give to the world. I help people break through barriers and create the life they are capable of living and have always, in all ways, desired. In this way through the assistance of who I am BEing and with Spiritís guidance, rather than striving to become something or someone, souls are simply BEing the Love and Light of who they are through the mentoring I provide assistance in these areas :

* Relationships  (all relationships as well as romantic relationships, twinsouls especially)

*Loving yourself and others

* Living Your Life Purpose

* Career

* Weight Loss

* Spiritual and Physical Healing

* Transforming Automatic Choices and Beliefs

* Breaking Energetic Patterns and Cycles

* Envisioning What You Desire for Your Life and Having it Manifest into Your Reality Instantaneously

* Forgiveness of your soul and others

* Dream interpretation readings, spiritual soul channeled readings, healing etc

What would your life look like if you knew how to use the wisdom from within you to overcome anything that could hold you back? What if you had an already and always (an always ready and in all ways) created plan that you could utilize at any moment you so choose to create any change, any moment you chose to? If you are interested in Stepping Into BEing who you are or in getting unstuck as an individual or as a couple, I invite you to send an email my way. Allow Spirit to guide you through the clear channel of Love, Light, Healing, and Message that I Am so as to transform your life in ways you may have been free from ever imagining before!

Below here is a list of the Spiritual Services I offer. Some services I do ask for a specific Love Offering for as this is the means by which I am able to obtain provisions of basic necessities in life at this moment. (more on this below) Having said this, I am free from ever turning anyone away who is requiring and/or desiring assistance. Should you be in the position (and after reading below more about such) please feel free to connect with me via email and I will be most certainly honoured to accommodate you through other means.















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The greatest gift you can give to me and to all is to remember who you are, BE who you are, and assist others to BE the same. That is the most beautiful gift of love you can honour me with. My life is lived in the inspired passion of creating through music, prose, & words of wisdom, then to give such creations to all. The purpose of which is to touch lives in beautiful ways and to help them to R.E.S.T. or to Remember,Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure the Love and Light you are and we all are. These channelings and use of my gifts represent a life dedicated to expressing thoughts, images, & feelings that connect us all as we are all One. Such gifts are freely given. If you desire to in turn bring gift of gratitude for such a gift bestowed upon you, I will be humbly honoured and grateful for your having touched my life in return. If you so choose, you can provide a love offering in exchange

Payment Options

All That I offer here is by Love Offering of your choice.

There are Spiritual Mediums and readers who may read this or hear of this and be within The Ego Self of the Soul’s e~motions (e~motions being energy~in~motion) of being upset with me for writing such a thing as this, as within their thoughtenergy that would believe that this would seek to ‘place them out of business, because if the answers are always right there within email format in a reading, then why ever go back for another reading, thus, these readers would have ‘no one’ to pay them $$$ for readings’. I offer souls who believe in this to read further down this page within the channeled messages that Spirit has gifted me regarding readings and $$$; as gifting readings, healings, and assistance to all souls on this earth dimension is free from being 'only' about the monetary value placed upon it; it is about assisting all souls on this earth dimension and the Infinite Joy, Bliss, Absoulute Love, Peace, and Spiritual Oneness one feels from deep within the heart of the soul when such a gift is gifted to another soul; To see the gift of soulful transformation unfold within another soul and seeing their face and their BEing illuminate with light or light up when they 'get it' as we say, is an immeasurable gift! While I do accept monetary love offerings and do ask for monetary love offerings for some services, it is more that I am asking for these love offerings in monetary form to assist our Centre to continue to assist souls such as you.

I also invite these readers and you who are reading this to see that the answers that we seek are already and always right here with us and within us; and that if by me gifting you a spiritual reading via email and that within that you can refer back to it and come to remember, embrace, and treasure the all inclusive inner wisdom within you and within that you are free from ever coming to another reader again (including me), then both of our Soul Life Purposes are then BEing infinitely and therefore this completes the infinite circle. As it is my Soul’s Life Purpose to assist you to remember, embrace, and treasure the Infinite Spiritual Light within you. 

David C. Lane wrote, "Does Your Guru Charge Money For Membership or Participation? Perhaps the easiest question to ask and have answered by a spiritual guru/path is whether or not their organization or their person charges money for membership or participation. If the answer is yes, it is a clear sign for the "buyer to beware," as almost all groups which assign a fee for their teachings are suspect. Although Self-Realization may entail many requirements, such as giving up ego, greed, lust, and so forth, offering up your wallet or life savings is not one of them. In America there is a tendency to make a commodity out of anything, even spirituality. Not only is making enlightenment a marketable item absurd ("Sorry, you don't qualify for the highest, blissful heaven." - "Why not?" - "You forgot to pay last month's subscription dues for soul discourses or pay for your reading"), but it allows for a number of unscrupulous individuals to make huge sums of money off naive seekers. Although money is necessary to keep movements functioning (the publishing of books, etc.), there is a distinct line between obligatory payments -- even if they are disguised as "love offerings," and unsolicited donations; the latter has justifiable reasons behind it as it is a gifting of choice and from the heart, whereas the former makes religion and spirituality a business enterprise, with a very lucrative tax shelter."

This is a statement of which I agree. Our spiritual gifts were given to us for a reason. And that reason is not to place monetary value upon them. They are here to share with others, to be given, as this is why they are called gifts. This is why I am free from ever turning a soul away if they are free from having any monetary gifts to give.

To quote an excerpt from Nenari and Natu being gifted with this earth dimension’s name of what we call here as our Spiritual Oneness Guide, gifted to me in channel writing these words as Spirit’s guidance regarding monetary abundance:

“We watch the souls of the earth dimension, give homage to what is called the "money paper god" that souls on this earth dimension call money. We share with all souls in this moment that money is an earth dimensional term for the green paper god that we see the souls on this earth dimension place a conditional love, a conditional gifting upon this money and we know that money in this perception resides within The Ego Self of the Soul of being separate from All That Is here on this earth dimension, from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is that we all are and emanate from, and from each other. We, in our physical human form believe in an Ego Self of the Soul axiom and reality perception of money to fill the soul ~ to fill a void of which is infinite in its existence of BEing as Absoulute Love, Peace, Joy, Spiritual Oneness and Bliss thus is a soul that is free from ever being filled as it is infinite and always, In All Ways, already full.

Our spiritual gifts and that of the gifts and talents of this earth dimension such as that of being an artist, a car mechanic, or a soul who farms the lands and grows the crops we eat while here on this earth dimension, these are all called gifts for a reason. They are to be given, gifted to other souls. Gifted free from what is termed on this earth dimension as a value or worth placed upon it or an expectation of something in return. These gifts are priceless, invaluable, and infinite and to place a value upon them, such as that of this green paper bill or that one gift having more value or worth than another, we tell you dear ones, is simply The Ego Self of the Soul attempting to place us in axiom with the belief that we are somehow separate from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is that we all are and emanate from and separate from each other. We ask in this moment for all to see that it is that we choose to live within the illusions of that we are separate from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is that we all are and emanate from and somehow separate from each other that provides the illusion of keeping us continuing to be separate.

We ask ~ Why do all of the souls of this earth dimension give such a reality perception, illusionary homage and axiom to a green paper that is of this earth dimension? It has occurred upon this earth dimension, because within all of us souls choosing to play this game of LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience) here on this earth dimension, that a soul once a long earth dimensional time ago said within an Ego Self of the Soul separate perception that we were to value one as better than another, that we were to pay homage to the green paper we call money as if it were All That Is and that it must have value. It is because a soul said so that we rather chose to follow The Ego Self of the Soul into a Rabbit Hole of belief that we are separate and disconnected, rather than shifting our own perception to that of what our soul already is within the inner wisdom of but has chosen to forget in playing this game called LIFE, which is the vision that all souls experiencing infinite paths on this earth dimension is Divine as we are all One experiencing infinite paths. That we are The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is and are always, In All Ways, connected. That we are free from one being better that the other as we are all One. And we are all One as we all emanate from the One Source ~ The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is.

Thus, in choosing to be in this resonance of what one soul said about this money paper, all of The Ego Self of the Souls perceiving their souls as separate then fell into line and believed that we are somehow separate. We chose unconsciously to be in axiom with this as an unquestionable existence, free from seeing any other of the infinite paths, and we all followed as if we were free from choice. We see that the souls of this earth dimension are free from realizing that this paper money that the souls of this earth dimension see as All That Is is free from BEing so because it is us who are All That Is that can bring forth infinite abundance rather monetary abundance being what brings us forth. That the souls of this earth dimension seek this monetary abundance as if a dog chasing it’s tail, in an attempt to fill the soul, something that is free from ever being filled as it is infinite. We humbly invite all souls to begin to see all; begin to see the Multi~Dimensional BEings we are, to see All That Is and that we all are All That Is, that we are all One.  That it is being in axiom with the illusion that monetary abundance will fill the soul that keeps us within the illusion of constantly “searching for it”.  These papers are simply a form of energy exchange of circulation to circulate the already infinite wealth you are.

We invite all souls to resonate within the inner wisdom that All is within us, as we emanate from All That Is and are All That IS, so in that BEing All That Is, anything and everything that we will ever need for our LIFE Experience here on this earth dimension resides within us. All we simply are being invited to do is ask. How to ask it is to be very specific in our request to Spirit and to the Universe as to what it is that we desire for our LIFE and to BE open to and accepting in 6ratitude the infinite ways that this request can come forth to us. It is a matter of feeling it ~ feeling from deep within our soul in a resonance of pure 6ratitude and BEing in axiom that what it is we desire comes from a space of All That Is and that it IS ours already in whichever way the ‘it’ of what we desire manifests. That we are free from having to seek what it is that we desire for our LIFE, as it is already and always, In All Ways, with us and within us.

Ask the Universe in our thoughtenergy what it is that we desire and it will be gifted to us. Ask from a 6ratitude within our heart of what we already have that we are in 6ratitude for, and then this that we are in 6ratitude for will continue to come forth to us. To focus on what it is we desire for your life, rather than that of what we desire to be free from having in our life.

We invite all souls on this earth dimension to see with the inner wisdom Soul Eye all of those Multi~Faceted Marquise Diamond pathways that lead to the plethora of choices in our LIFE. As all of the many paths all lead to One, that of The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is or what we call on this earth dimension as home. We invite the souls of this earth dimension to transform our perceptions to that of a chicken is the same as a horse as is a computer as is a train, whereby placing it free from valuing one over the other, but rather a gift, that of gifting of whatever it is that we have to gift another soul, to gift each other, whatever this gift is that we have to gift. Remember dear ones that it is in gifting that we receive.

When we are able to as a global consciousness, as an earth dimension, as One, embrace and utilize this concept of gifting of what we choose to gift in Infinite Light and Absoulute Love free from asking anything in return, ~ whether it be what we term there on this earth dimension as alot, or whether it is just a little, but that it be whatever we can and choose to gift of our gifts, of our talents in Infinite Light and Absoulute Love, free from placing a value of a lot or a little, free from asking anything in return in the way of a dollar sign to pay as a price for these gifts or that another will be free from receiving these gifts ~ then as a global consciousness, we will BE Spiritual Oneness, or what the souls of this earth dimension call as that of the Ascended Mastery. For remember, dear ones, we have choice, we always have choice. The Divine Free Choice is what each of us souls incarnated with upon this earth dimension. Thus the choice of who we are being is always, In All Ways, ours."

Everything I offer to you here and infinitely more is gifted to you by love offering of your choice. To me, as I have received in channel from Spirit, it is free from being about money, it is about assisting all souls to re-member, embrace, and treasure the light of who you ARE (A Revolving Experience of). Thus I am free from ever charging a fee, I merely invite all souls to gift from what they choose to gift to me from their heart, from their soul in what resonates within them.
I have I have received many immeasurable gifts from Thank you's, to spiritual artistry, to food, to books, cards, and so on. And yes, this includes money gifts as well. They have been gifts of love gifted rather than me imposing a charge for them or a soul is free from receiving them. Thus, if money comes forth to me, this is a wonderful blessing of which I am within Infinite Gratitude for. It is simply free from being the "only" way that I will assist another soul. As I gift the immeasurable gift of Divine Free Choice to all souls, the Divine Free Choice that we chose to incarnate with when we chose to come here to this earth dimension to play this game called LIFE (Living Infinitely From Existence and Living Infinitely From Experience, two being as One) that we have merely forgotten that we have with us and within us. I gift the gift of awakening and re-awakening that Divine Free Choice from within, by offering all of the spiritual wisdom and gifts that I experience by sharing them infinitely and inviting all souls to choose to gift me if they so choose with a love offering gift of their choice. I am free from ever turning away a soul if they are free from giving a love offering, for even a thank you is a offering of love:)

If we all were to choose this, to come from a resonance of being free from placing value upon things, from a resonance that resonates deep within our soul as this is who we are to share and gift freely (freely as in free not as in a cost or perceived value of things, but rather from the Absoulute Love from within the heart of the soul fo who we are as a spiritual soul being within a human form and within a human form, we remember or experience the memory of the spiritual soul being we ARE ~ A Revolving Experience of), then money would then exist on another dimension as we would shift it. Therefore, we would be free from other souls having to feel the need to steal or to be in poverty or hungry or free from a place to sleep or free from being able to enjoy life here on this earth dimension because another soul has said that if we are free from providing the "money" then we are free from enjoy all of the infinite possibilities that life has to offer, as we would all be sharing of our gifts spiritual and otherwise (of our food, of our clothes, of our songs, artistry, and of all services) with each other. We live in a earth dimension of the illusion of stinginess, where everything is "Mine" and "I will not share with you unless you give me money for it, after all I am worth it". The moment has come now to shift this to where we share all with all, as we emanate from All That Is and this is who we ARE (A Revolving Experience of) on a soulful resonance.

While I realize that as this earth dimension is in this moment, that money is what makes the world go round so to speak, I choose to I guess be what is called by some on this earth dimension as ahead of my earth dimensional time.

As a channel, an instrument of peace, I choose to provide these services described above, because of my Absoulute love for all people, not for their monetary value that they may or may be free from holding.

I am free from being what other souls might consider as financially monetarily rich. I am also free from being poor; For what I am is rich in is within infinite ways beyond that of the "only's" of monetary value of this Life Experience. I am rich in the wisdom that Spirit gifts to me and through me and it is this that I gift you.

It is in this spirit, that I request that you accept the spiritual gifts that I gift to you when you request them of me, through a spiritual reading or other form of spiritual guidance. I invite that if you so choose to provide a Absoulute Love Offering (a soulful loving offering), that you please do so from your heart and soul, because you choose to, free from it being because I have asked for it, or because someone has said that we 'must place a value upon' our spiritual gifts. If you choose to gift an Absoulute Love Offering (donation), then gift of what you choose to gift, whatever that may be. Whether it be a poem, a dollar, a charm or trinket, or that of one dollar or one hundred dollars. I accept all gifts of Absoulute Love Offerings, in whatever their form, as when it is gifted from the heart of the soul, it is free from having a monetary value to it, just simply (as simple as) that of Absoulute Love and of whatever it is that you are able to gift. And for this, I am grateful.

Monetary Love Offerings do help as this monetary flow of abundance helps us to continue to keep our Centre running so that we may continue to assist souls just like you on your spiritual journey through life experience, as I travel all over the globe to share Spirit's wisdom and to assist souls just like you and I do have expenses to incur upon doing so and this helps us to be able to continue to do and be so:) Yet I am free from ever turning anyone away if they are free from having a monetary love offering to give, so if this is the case, please let me know and we can work something out.

Disclaimer: The Healing modalities on these pages should not be used in place of medical or alternative treatments and therapies, but may be used as supplementary practices in conjunction with traditional and alternative medicine.

Disclaimer ~ Divine Free Choice is yours and thus can change the outcome of the situation. We are free from anything ever being set in stone. Thus, the channeled wisdom, information, and advice given on and through the readings you receive is to be treated purely for your entertainment purposes only. Any prediction or other message that you receive is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a lawyer, medical doctor, psychiatrist, or financial advisor. Accordingly, Nenari, Princess of the Sea is free from providing any guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind, and is also free from being responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and advice mentioned above.

Please Note: You are always free to accept or reject any Healing treatment. Please also see disclaimer within the Vibrational Healing page, as these words of wisdom do so apply here as well.

Disclaimer ~ Some or all of the answers to any questions you may have asked Spirit about may come through and some may be free from coming through and some or all of the answers may be the same as other readings that you have experienced or others have experienced through my channelings. Please understand that Spirit simply comes through with what it is that your soul and your Spirit Guides wish for you to know in this moment and that some of this wisdom may be universal and may be applied universally to all for your life and all lives and some of the wisdom is personal soul to soul communication from Spirit to you from within your soul, as it is these two essences BEing as One that will be comprised of your reading and as such it is up to your Divine Free Choice (or as we say on this earth Divine Free Will) to choose what it is in this reading that resonates with you and that you will take with you and what if anything you wish to leave behind..Ö. 





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