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Vibrational Healing


Below here is selected excepted pieces from the "Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience" Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter) relating to Vibrational Healing.....

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The Physical Body Basis for Dis~eases, Ill~nesses, Syn~dromes, and Dis~orders

The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing reveals that there are several physical reasons for dis~eases, ill~nesses, syn~dromes, and dis~orders. One of them relates to food and water. As Spirit imparted the wisdom of in the Spiritual Treasure Gift of Shifting Spiritual Vibrations, the physical body and spiritual soul can if we so choose, live on our respiration, our breath. The other component that the spiritual soul and physical body can choose to live on is that of water. Spirit shares that these two items together (two BEing as One) along with Sea Salts, which Spirit imparts the wisdom of a bit later in this Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter), can sustain us within this Life Experience if we choose. The physical body is made of 90% water. Water is a natural antihistamine and natural diuretic. Why do we need to replace fluids excreted from the body by drinking plenty of water?  Sprit says that this is because approximately three pints of water per earth dimensional day are excreted through the kidneys, approximately one pint of water per earth dimensional day is excreted through the skin in perspiration, and another yet another pint is expelled through respiration. As such, the organs, everything within the physical is water or has a component of water within it. Also, spiritually speaking our spirits, our souls are made of a crystalline like substance that is water.

Respiration and Water are in infinite supply and are always, In All Ways, with us and within us. The molecules and atoms of everything and anything are components of water and air. Spirit invites us to place our hands and move them slowly in a fluidity of motion around the air in the room. As we do this physical motion, we are moving through molecules of water and air. Utilizing our breath and the water that surrounds us is about absorbing nutrients from the air the physical body breathes and the molecules of water absorbed through the fluidity of our movements as physical human forms. Nutrients we absorb from the air and water through the skin, the eyes, the hair all have the ability to nourish and center the physical body of which our soul resides within this earth dimension and within The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is bring these two into One.  Spirit brings forth the wisdom that this is what we, as a Spiritual Soul BEing, incarnate with and within ~ air and water.

Spirit says that the utilizing of the breath of LIFE and of water, two BEing as One, is accomplished through a rewiring of the physical biochemistry, the rewiring of the thoughtenergy axioms that we all choose to illusionarily hold onto as so to be free from every questioning, free from ever exploring any other of the Infinite Possibilities. As Spiritual Soul BEings, we consist of air and water. Spirit gifts us with the Spiritual Metaphor of imagining the physical body and spiritual soul as One, as the infinite form of a plant. Plants absorb moisture and nutrients from sunlight, air, and water. To rewire the physical body to be as a plant, or as the Spiritual Soul BEing of water and air that we emanate from, Spirit invites us to shift the axioms of who we believe we are to the inner wisdom that water and the air we breathe can sustain us, just as we are as Spiritual Soul BEings. Within coming into a resonance of living off of our breath and of water, they share comes with the physical praxis that we are until we believe, see, FEEL, and BE that we ARE. As with anything that the human physical form chooses to be habitual form with, it takes the illusion of earth dimensional time for the physical body brain to resonate within a shifting paradigm, because as physical human forms we use praxis to shift the physical body into resonance with that the soul already knows we ARE as spiritual wisdom to be so and is within resonance of as a Spiritual Soul BEing.

Thus, Spirit reveals that if we are to BE within choosing to live from breath and water, then we are invited by The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing that we choose to slowly reduce the amount of food we choose to eat as we feel intuitively ready to, while being in praxis of the thoughtenergy within our thoughts, within our living that the air we breath and the water we drink is infinitely enough to sustain our LIFE and that we are infinitely full from the nutrients we take in from the air we breathe and the water we drink. That anything, everything, and all we ever need to sustain us is within these things. Spirit also invites us to be in praxis of the deep breathing that they share with us within the Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter) in Shifting Spiritual Vibrations.

This is something that I am in current Praxis with and discovering that I am eating what is called within earth dimensional amounts is less and less food. As Spirit shared with us within the Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter) in Shifting Spiritual Vibrations, this is why when we come closer to the shifting from the physical body into Spiritual Soul BEing that we tend to eat less food and rely upon the air we breathe and the water we drink to sustain the physical body that the soul, the Spiritual Soul BEing resides in. The air in our respiration, bringing us in a constant resonance of BEing In Spirit and BEing connected to, for, of, and with LIFE and The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is, and the water that we drink and absorb within all that surround us, then is our food.


Resonance With All That We Drink and Eat


Until such a moment as we choose this path of water and the breath of Life as One to be an infinite possibility, we can choose to sustain the physical body within the combination of food and water. The earth dimensional media and conventional medicine doctors are always saying drink water. Well Spirit says that there is something to this and here is why. Many of us are unconscious to that as Spiritual Soul BEings within this human form our souls resides in, that the physical body is in a constant state of dehydration. This is why The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing says that we see the illusions of what we call here on this earth dimension names as being overweight, illnesses such as Asthma, ADD (as Spirit shares that soul who are gifted with the earth dimensional name of ADD or ADHD are within a resonance of an Alternative Dimensional Download and of Alternative Dimensional Heartbeat Download, as in these souls dial into the heartbeat of the Universe of Infinite Dimensions, Infinite Universes, and Infinite Parallel Universes, including this earth dimension to bring forth and gift us with the infinite wisdom of the Universe), cancer, and the plethora of names for dis~eases, ill~nesses, dis~orders, and syn~dromes. What we call on this earth dimension as suffering occurs and is associated with dehydration of the physical body.

This is also too why we age so rapidly and produce within the body this earth dimensional concept of age~related dis~eases such as: osteoarthritis, wrinkles, high blood pressure, and infinitely other what we call as age~related dis~eases. Spirit shares that these are free from being age~related as they are really dehydrated~related manifestations. We can live to be quite an old earth dimensional age and be free from dis~eases if we are to drink an infinite supply of what the physical body is asking for in water. Now I say this free from the idea that we are in this physical body is going to live our earth dimensional definition of forever, or that we will in our earth dimensional “older years” be free from the concept known as pain; as clearly these things are possible for the machine called physical body may at some moment be physically worn and this is when we will transform like that of a butterfly and our Spiritual Soul BEing will emerge within another physical body within an infinite circular cycle and there is also within the physical body this physical concept we call pain (which Spirit will share the wisdom what pain is later in this Spiritual Treasure Gift(Chapter)). However, we can prosper within vitality and Infinite Well~BEing as the physical body earth dimensionally ages, simply from drinking of the source of that of which we are ~ water.

The reason for this occurring is that, during the process of dehydration, the physical body takes what is known as desperate measures to conserve water. Part of dehydration also involves the release of histamine which is critical to activate and maintain other systems of the physical body which are designed to save body water. These systems keep water in the body even if the body is free from any presence of water that we have yet to ingest. If the body is free from receiving water being ingested by us physically, it will then utilize the water that is within the organs and systems of the body to keep itself replenished. The body will seek to drawn from any stored up urine and feces that has yet to be expelled initially and then the body will continue by obtaining water for hydration from the liver, gallbladder, heart, and any other organ it can extract water from to ensure the physical body’s survival. As water is being depleted and excreted through when we urinate and defecate, if we continue to replace these fluids with something other than water, a state of continuous dehydration in the physical body occurs. This is the cause then of what we call as symptoms associated with what are known on this earth dimension as dis~eases, ill~nesses, dis~orders, and syn~dromes.


Spirit says that it is the amount of water we drink in relation to the food that we eat that creates the physical manifestation of what we call a “clogged physical body system”. Water flushes out the food we eat and is cleansing the physical body in an infinite cyclical process. Up to fifty percent of the water that we drink each earth dimension day is needed is due the digestion of and processing of food we are eating. Thus if we are drinking this earth dimension’s amount of more juice, coffee, soda and so on than water and/or eating more than the body has of water within it, the physical body is then in a resonance of chronic dehydration. If a soul chooses to be free from eating or eats small amounts of food daily ~ living off of water, sunlight, spiritual light, and air, then less water may be needed as one is free from needing as much water for physical digestion.

Spirit brings forth the wisdom that the reason that on this earth dimension we call the food and drink we absorb as toxins within the physical body is simply that believe they are toxins or toxic. For as much as many souls, including conventional medicine, are in axiom with that food and drink themselves are toxic or are toxins, the food and drink we take within us is free from being toxic themselves, it is simply that because when we incarnate here as a Spiritual Soul BEing in human physical form, we come with only water, air, and spiritual light as our sources of nourishment. When we are born in this manner this is what is the pure essence of who we are as a soul in physical form. We receive nourishment through our mother souls womb which consists of water that is extracted from within our mother souls’ physical body as the water from within the physical body when it is completely hydrated sustains the baby’s physical body and soul. If a mother Spiritual Soul BEing within physical human form is free from being completely hydrated, the baby will use water from other sources in the mother’s physical body, as well as, what is extracted from the food and drink the mother ingests, to nourish itself. This is why when a mother soul is pregnant, we believe that she requires more food to feed the growing life inside her during gestation, when it is really water (and that of Sea Salts which we write of a bit later in this Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter)) that the physical body is asking the mother soul to drink to sustain the child and the possible water and oxygen within the food that she eats to be extracted to sustain the child. Therefore, it is the water and the oxygen that the baby needs rather than the substance of the food itself. For the mother morning sickness is the very first sign of dehydration in the mother and the baby, brought about by the water~regulatory action of histamine.

Thus, when we take within the physical BEing that which is something other than what we emanate from, that being of water, air, and spiritual light, it is the left over remnants after excreting this water, air, and spiritual light from this left over remnant matter of what we call here on this earth dimension as food, that is the perceived toxins of which is to be flushed out. Therefore, the food itself if free from being good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, good for you or bad for you, toxic or nontoxic. It is simply remnants to be flushed out once the physical body has extracted all it chooses to for nourishment.

Since the physical body is comprised of this earth dimension’s number of ninety percent water, then this is what the physical body is inviting of us to drink to sustain it. Conventional medicine says that eight to ten, 8 ounce glasses of water is what will assist the fluidity of the physical body to sustain itself. If we are physically active this can be more. Spirit imparts the wisdom that by drinking half of the physical body’s weight of water in ounces each earth dimension day is really what the physical body is asking us for to keep it adequately hydrated. An example of this would be if we weigh 150 pounds then 150 lbs would equal 75 ozs. of water daily. Divide that into 8 oz. glasses and this then is how many glasses we are being invited by the physical body to drink, daily. In addition to this daily amount of water to keep the physical body hydrated, then add double the amount of water for every 8 oz. glass that we choose to drink of juice, coffee, soda, tea etc. An example of this would be if we drink an 8 oz. can of soda, then we would drink 16 ozs. of water, in addition to the daily water intake for the physical body’s hydration of half the amount of the physical body’s weight, to adequately flush the food out of the physical body and also hydrate the body in the process.  If eating food, add double the water for every ounce of food consumed, in addition to the daily water intake for the physical body’s hydration of half the amount of the physical body’s weight, to adequately flush the food out of the physical body and also hydrate the body in the process.  An example of this would be if we choose to eat a 12 oz steak, then we would need 24 ozs. of water to adequately flush the food out of the physical body and also hydrate the body in the process.  Spirit also reveals that it can then take up to thirty~two ounces of water to completely flush out of the physical body that eight ounces of soda, juice, coffee, other sugary drink, or food eaten. 

Spirit reveals that within water being our primary source of replenishment, if we choosing to drink juice, soda or other sugary drinks that are comprised more of sugar than of water, we are then physically depriving the physical body that our soul resides within a basic component for its physical survival. I know for me personally, when what conventional medicine calls a headache is within the physical body that my soul resides in, to me that is a signal that I am being invited to drink water and breath in deeply. Upon doing so the conventional medicine name called a headache is free from being. This is because I take a moment to be in tuned with the physical body to know that it was inviting me to drink water and breathe deeply as this is the message that came through upon going within.

Spirit imparts that this is free from saying that drinking the soda, the juice, the coffee, is necessarily "bad" for us, as these drinks are free from being "good" or "bad", "right" or "wrong" to drink these forms of drinks. Drinks, in whatever form they come in are simply drinks. It is only our perception and other souls perceptions that these drinks are somehow "bad" for us, that has us believing that they are bad for us. Thus, we take this axiom of drinks being bad for us, and resonate with it so deeply, that when we do drink these sodas, juices, or other sugary drinks, we then experience the e~motion within The Ego Self of the Soul of guilt over drinking this supposedly “bad drink” and then this guilt within the physical body cells manifests physical symptoms of dis~eases, ill~nesses, syn~dromes, and dis~orders. Then we within The Ego Self of the Soul perceiving itself as separate from the Whole of the Soul, along with other souls who perceive in this same way, then all blame the sugary drinks as being the reason why they are experiencing theses dis~eases, ill~nesses, syn~dromes, or dis~orders, or these souls are what we call here on this earth dimension as the name of being “overweight”. Spirit reveals that it is free from being the sugary drinks that creates these things but rather the axioms that we choose to hold onto and the adequate amount of water we drink each earth dimensional day to flush out the remnants of the food we eat and drinks we ingest, that manifests these dis~eases, ill~nesses, syn~dromes, and dis~orders.

Spirit imparts that within the physical body the drinking consistently of sodas, juice, coffee etc. free from balancing in harmony with water along with the axioms of what we hold to be so about the types of drinks we drink over a period earth dimensional time, deprives the physical body of its on ability to be cleansed and to cleanse itself. It also depletes the physical body’s ability to naturally produce elements such as minerals, salts, and water soluble vitamins that a continuous supply of water in the physical body provides as water’s energetic properties are in alignment with what the physical body and spiritual soul are comprised of. All of which help the physical body to function while our Spiritual Soul BEing resides within it. When these abilities are perceived to be hampered by the sugar based drinks and the axioms we hold onto about these sugary drinks, then we experience within the physical body what is known as dehydration and dis~eases, ill~nesses, syn~dromes, or dis~orders, or these souls are what we call here on this earth dimension as the name of being “overweight”.

Therefore drinking an earth dimensional minimum of the eight to ten glasses of water per earth dimension day, is what Spirit invites us to utilize as a baseline to keep the physical body hydrated so it can function, and then drinking water that is of double the amount of however much soda, juice, coffee, or other sugar based drinks of our choosing is, so as to keep the physical body hydrated and aligned with our Spiritual Soul BEing, is what The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing invites us to embrace.

Thus, The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing shares that to drink whatever we so choose to drink is ok, however, when we do, we are invited to be consciously aware of drinking double that in water to flush what it is that we are drinking in the way of sugary drinks. We are also invited to shift our perceptions of the drinks that we choose drink to see that all drinks in whatever form they come in, whether it be water or even what is considered here on this earth dimension as a sugary drink, is just a drink, a drink that we choose to ingest, free from there being anything “bad” or “wrong” about drinking it. A drink is just simply what it is, a drink we choose to ingest. 

The same can be said then for the food that we eat. The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing brings forth the wisdom that food is simply food. It is the illusion of our axioms in relation to food and those axioms we choose to hold within the physical body and spiritual soul about food and being free from the drinking of adequate water to flush out the remnants of this food we eat, that creates the physical manifestations of what we call as that clogged physical body system. It is also the remnants of what is left within the physical body after what the physical body chooses has been extracted, that is free from being flushed out by something other than water. They say that we here on this earth dimension this clogged system takes form in the ways of the dis~eases, ill~nesses, syn~dromes, and dis~orders ~ names that we have for describing what is occurring within the physical body.

Conventional medicine, mainstream media, and now even a man who made a movie about eating nothing but McDonalds for a month, they all say that what we eat in the way of sugary or McDonalds etc. is all "bad" for us to eat. That we should eat fruits, veggies, eat healthy etc. Conventional medicinal doctors even say that if we are to eat too much fruit that the sugar content (all beit natural sugar) is just as "bad" for us as eating ten cookies. While it may be so that if we eat McDonalds all the time as proven by this man who did or eat sugar all the time or eat sugar and McDonalds more than we are drinking of water to flush out the remnants, then yes, it would be what this earth dimensional concept of duality says is "bad" for us if we choose to see it within this perception.

Spirit invites us to shift the perceptions, the axioms of what we believe to see that from a Multi~Dimensional perception that the McDonalds food or sugary food itself is fine to eat, as food is food, and food in whatever form it comes in is nourishment for the physical body. It is within Multi~Dimensionality, that we can come to the inner wisdom that if we provide double the amount in water for every eight ounces of McDonalds or other form of food we eat, or drink that we ingest other than water, and also continually drink half of the physical body’s weight in water per earth dimensional day, that this would then flush out any perceived toxins, or remnants that are left unused from eating that McDonalds meal out or drinking that soda and so on. Then what we are eating and drinking that is other than water will be free from ever building up within the body. When dehydration is solved within the bodily cellular resonance, where these dis~eases, ill~nesses, dis~orders, and syn~dromes processes are played out, the physical body healing process occurs then naturally. Restoring the physical body’s cells to optimal pure water content finally addresses the physical body’s biochemical need for water.

It was amazing to me that just days after I channeled this information two and a half earth dimensional years ago that I discovered the spiritual confirmation of these channels. In researching the messages that had been gifted to me, I stumbled upon Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, MD and his website at http://www.watercure.com/ . I also came to discover his books, "Your Body's Many Cries for Water", "You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life!", “You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty, Water Cures: Drugs Kill”, and “ABC of Asthma Allergies & Lupus”, along with William D. Holloway, Jr. and Herb Joiner~Bey, ND’s book “Water ~ The foundation of Youth, Health, and Beauty”. This website and these books remarkably resembled that of what Spirit gifted to me. I am Infinite 6ratitude for The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing’s guidance and confirmation within this wisdom.

Spirit invites us to really pay attention to the physical body's state of resonance, of BEing in each moment physically and spiritually as One. Staying humble to realize What Is for the body by listening with our intuition, free from the illusion of self~denial or denial of the physical body’s needs in an attempt to reach a state of enlightenment. Drink and eat if the body is asking for it. When a soul is in a state of complete harmonious synchronicity from within, the physical body is also in complete harmonious synchronicity and when the physical body is in complete harmonious synchronicity, the soul is in a state of complete harmonious synchronicity from within. When we can allow the physical body to be exactly what it is, and are free from being in denial of any aspect of ourselves physically and spiritually we are free from the illusion of suffering any perceived imbalances.

One of the ways to come to embrace a state of being and living on little food or being free from eating food and of living from the water, air and sun is to drink anything and eat everything we feel hungry or thirsty for or interested in. Any food or drink that comes to us which we could consider eating or drinking, eat it, drink it, and enjoy it! Eat and drink all you ever want. Taste it, let yourself have it! Hunger may in some cases be simple curiosity! Explore foods! Explore drinks! Spirit invites us to be free from denying the physical body of any food or drink that we have a craving for! I have spent earth dimensional money on a wide array of foods and drinks that I wanted to taste. I tasted all sorts of foods, drinks, and have tried all sorts of ways of BEing and of living. I have discovered through this process and through The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing’s guidance in this process that at this moment that living on eating minimal amounts of food, drinking a lot of water and utilizing spiritual light within the infinite forms of meditation that the spiritual light gifts me with and in utilizing the breath of LIFE of All That Is of which I emanate from and of spiritual light All That Is of which I am and emanate from which includes all; and I am free from experiencing a depriving of the physical body or the soul of anything; that all of this, All That Is,  is the nourishment that has calmed my hunger. It is within being inclusive harmonious synchronicity of All, with All, for All, and in All that gifts us with Spiritual Oneness. I know that for the physical body that my Spiritual Soul BEing resides in, that drinking this balancing harmonious water and shifting the axioms of food and water that I believed to be so, has completely transformed the physical body into resonating within a state that is aligned with my Spiritual Soul BEing. Anything that can be discovered in foods and drinks is already and always, Always Ready and In All Ways, within the soul.


Healing Through the Spiritual and Physical in Spiritual Oneness


In the Shamanic ways of vibrational healing and of BEing, this earth dimensional name we call here as ‘medicine’ refers to a way of being in LIFE, a way you choose to embrace the vibrational energy of the soul within a physical form. The physical body is One with the Soul. As a soul, we are electrical magnetical apparatuses and the energy vibration we choose to resonate within gifts us with our physicality. Vibrational Medicine is creating and BEing in a resonance in which the physical body resides in a continuous alkaline state. When we are Spiritual Oneness within the Soul as a whole, perfect, and complete simply as we are, than we resonate within this alkaline state. We know that dis~ease or ill~ness cells thrive in acidic mediums such as when we resonate within a space of being within The Ego Self of the Soul perceiving our soul as separate.

With Vibrational Medicine then, we detect energetic vibrational choices within the soul before they manifest into the physical body. We can also detect what vibrational choices within the moment exist that manifest within the physical body what we call here on this earth dimension as dis~ease or illness. Conventional medicine already utilizes a form of this Vibrational Medicine in the machines of the ECG (Electrocardiogram) which records the electrical activity of the heart and the EEG (Electroencephalogram) which detects electrical activity of the physical body brain, although conventional medicine is free from recognizing that this is as energetic vibrational medicine. 

The next section of this Spiritual Treasure Gift (Chapter) brings forth the wisdom of the Spiritual Reasons for Physical Manifestations and more. I invite you to read Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience to come into the wisdom of Spiritual Oneness and Physical Well-Being as One.



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